10 Nigerian Celebrities that bleached their skin

10 Nigerian Celebrities that bleached their skin 1

10 Nigerian Celebrities that bleached their skin 2

There are reasons why people bleach their skin or tone it. Some may say they are trying to hide some unwanted black spot on their skin while some do it for the purpose of fashion. Many Nigerian celebrities have bleached their skin because they believe the Light-skinned color appeals to the eyes. Skin Bleaching, skin toning or skin lightening is a process of applying creams/lotion to the skin to reduce the melanin concentration  by lightening the dark skin color. We will look at some Nigerian celebrities that bleached their skin and given proof of their previous color.

One may ask, been a celebrity means you are popular and well known. A lot peole love you while many hate you. Why would a celebrity bleach his or her. Like seriously, you are celebrity so why should you less of yourself by toning the skin? The truth is, many people in Africa believe that light skinned people are more attractive and therefore easily loved by people. This mindset is often common with females. They believe been fair provides more male suitors while been black may not invite men.

There is a conclusion that skin toning or bleaching is mainly carried out by ladies especially those whose aim to to get male’s attention. They feel more confident with their body when they are light skinned as it makes them look beautiful and attractive. Similarly, there is an alleged belief that the females who do this are basically runs girls. This term is used for ladies who engage in transaction sex with males in the society.

This post is about Nigerian celebrities that bleached their skin from Black to light skinned or sometimes referred to as fair or yellow skin. These celebrities are believed to have changed their skin color to appear more flashy. Though many have received social media criticism while some have received praises. This however, doesn’t make them bad because everyone have theirersonal reason for skin toning.

This list is in no particular order. Just view to list and don’t attribute any meaning to the numbering. This is not in ascending or descending order. Enjoy the list and drop your comments.



10 Nigerian Celebrities that bleached their skin 3

This is the Only MALE, though sometimes referred to as female because he cross dresses. The celebrity was black when he was dressing as a guy. He claimed he started cross dressing because of his bleaching cream product he is selling. He used it on himself and became very fair. He came to limelight in 2016 when he was seen dressing as a lady, making u and claims he has a boyfriend lover.


Toke Makinwa

Celebrities that bleached their skin

The OAP and celebrity, Toke Makinwa, is one of the sexiest and hottest female celebrity in the coutry. She trun from Black to light skinned and she recently went under the needle to get a Hip enlargement figure.


Tonto Dikeh

10 Nigerian Celebrities that bleached their skin 4

This actress has been accused of toning her skin severally. Though she is yet to deny or accept the claim. She also did surgery sometime in late 2018 to enlarge her Hip and butt.

10 Nigerian Celebrities that bleached their skin 5 tonto dikeh

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Iyabo Ojo


The popular actress, who is also a film producer has featured in over 150 movies. Iyabo has been accused by her fans of skin bleaching. The produced who has made 14 of her own movies has not come out to disclaim this propaganda.


Tayo Sobola

The 33 years old, Tayo Sobola, is also among the Nigerian Celebrities that bleached their Skin. The Multiple award winning actress witnessed a transformation of skin shade and that is what made her appear here.

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Toyin Lawani


Toyin Lawani needs no introduction when it comes to skin toning or bleaching. She has also been silent about her involvement with skin bleaching. The actress is one of the favorite Yoruba actresses in Nollywood used for many movies. She has featured in over 100 movies.


Dayo Amusa


Known as an actress and singer, Dayo Amusa is one of the Nigerian celebrity that bleached their skin. The 33 year old has won about 9 awards in the movie industry including Nollywood Female face of the Year 2017. 


Halima Abubakar


She is an actress who is notoriously a bleacher. in 2011, Halima Abubakar won the Afro Hollywood Best Actress awards. She is currently 33 years old.


Faithia Balogun


She is the oldest skin toner in the at 49 years old. Faithia Balogun is a Nollywood veteran and award winning actress.



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