12 Actors Of Indian Origin Who Have Taken Hollywood By

12 Actors Of Indian Origin Who Have Taken Hollywood By 1

12 Actors Of Indian Origin Who Have Taken Hollywood By 2

It’s good to find Indian characters depicted in real, meaningful characters in international cinema other than drivers, convenience store owners or the timid little boy in school. With the advent of globalization, the ridiculous notions of westerners of the Indian stereotypes have changed.

Hollywood is often banking on the Indian-origin actors to pull off the dimensional ethnic characters. Let’s check some of the finest names of the Indian origin actors in Hollywood today.

1. Kal Penn

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From Harold and Kumar, Van Wilder to guest appearances in How I Met Your Mother, Kalpen Suresh Modi is one the most popular Indian faces in Hollywood.

The man guarantees a Box Office hit but makes sure he’s critically acclaimed as well with author’s backing roles in cross-over projects like The Namesake.


2. Naveen Andrews

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You’d remember him from the gritty Muslim guy in Lost, Sayid Jarrah but that’s just a part of the fantastic body of work Naveen Andrews has to show for himself.

You don’t often get to see an Indian actor in a Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino movie but you did see Naveen Andrews in Grindhouse.


3. Dev Patel

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Dev Patel started off with a band and there was no looking back for this slumdog thereafter. Choosing his roles carefully, Dev Patel is carving his own identity in the Hollywood race with panache.

Already a favorite with his bits in the HBO series, The Newsroom, and Skins, we’ll be looking forward to watching Dev’s new movie, The Lion, which is in progress.


4. Freida Pinto

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The Mumbai-born beauty, Freida Pinto shot to fame with Slumdog Millionaire. However, Slumdog was only the beginning of her incredible character in Hollywood, as Freida had been a part of several blockbusters.

Most importantly, she managed to bag a role in a Woody Allen movie (You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger) – a dream for any actor.


5. Kunal Nayyar

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One of those Indian actors who made the Indian accent cool. The shy little nerd from Big Bang Theory is one of the most favorite Indian actors in the world and Kunal Nayyar doesn’t even bother about his adorable Indian accent.


6. Mindy Kaling

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Born as Vera Mindy Chokalingam, she was seen in movies like No Strings Attached, 40 Year Old Virgin and Night At The Museum: The Smithsonian Battle, to name a few, besides her excellent presence on sitcoms.


7. Sendhil Ramamurthy

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Everybody knows him as Mohinder Suresh, the geneticist from Heroes. Sendhil has been a popular face in Hollywood with several interesting television roles in series such as Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami, The Office, and Ultimate Force, to name a few.


8. Archie Panjabi

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An Emmy awardee, Archie Panjabi is best know for her role in the popular television series, The Good Wife. She has been a part of blockbuster movies such as San Andreas, A Mighty Heart, A Good Year and Bend It Like Beckham.


9. Indira Varma

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Shot to fame with Mira Nair’s Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, Indira Verma went on to establish herself in Hollywood with some excellent movies. Appreciated for her roles in Bride and Prejudice and Basic Instinct 2, Indira Verma has also been a part of hot TV series such as The Canterbury Tales and Game of Thrones.


10. Suraj Sharma

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When your first movie is directed by Ang Lee, you know you’re going to go places. Suraj Sharma debuted in 2012, with the blockbuster Life of Pi and was appreciated worldwide for his talent. Sharma has also starred in Million Dollar Arm, Burn Your Maps, Umrika and he’s also been a part of the popular series, Homeland.


11. Maulik Pancholy

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The 42-year-old actor has been a part of several major television series such as Whitney, 30 Rock, and Weeds. A fine actor with an interesting comic timing, you would remember him from movies like 27 Dresses, Hitch, Friends with Money and Horrible Bosses.


12. Noureen DeWulf

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One of the hottest actors of Indian origin in Hollywood, Noureen is quite popular for her frivolous character, Lacey in Anger Management. She was seen on movies like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, West Bank Story, The Back-Up Plan etc., and in hit television series such as CSI: NY, 90210 and Outsourced.

It’s always good to see an Indian face lighting up the screen, isn’t it

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