5 Most Common Psychedelic Drugs

5 Most Common Psychedelic Drugs 1

5 Most Common Psychedelic Drugs 2
hallucinogenic shrooms

Shrooms, or magic mushrooms, are a common form of psychedelics.

Psychedelic drugs are not as widely abused as many other drugs on the market but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a strong need to know what’s going on—and who’s doing what. These drugs cause mind altering states and although they are generally not as addictive as opiates or stimulants, psychedelic drugs can still cause widespread consequences for the user. Psychosis, permanent damage to the brain and other serious side effects are possible if an of the common psychedelic drugs are taken regularly or repeatedly.


Often referred to as psychedelic mushrooms, these small fungi contain the psychedelic psilocybin which can produce hallucinations and out of body experiences. Although this psychedelic is naturally occurring on over 200 different species of mushrooms, it’s not safe! Magic mushrooms, though nearly impossible to overdose on, can produce euphoria that leads to irrational behaviors, suicidal thoughts, accidents or injury.


Most widely known these days as Molly, MDMA is a psychedelic drug that was widely found in the club drug, ecstasy. In a recent report by the DEA, the majority of confiscated Molly had very little or in many cases no MDMA at all in it. While MDMA alone and in its purity is relatively safe, when the drug is mixed with other stimulants such as methamphetamine or ketamine, the risk for the user is highly dangerous and toxic results could occur. As part of an outreach program to inform and promote safer use among those who will take the drug regardless, dancesafe.org has sponsored a number of different helpful events to inform and educate users about the dangers of this psychedelic drug.


Much like psilocybin, although manmade, LSD is a psychedelic that is odorless and has no color. It can easily be placed in food or in a drink, it can be dropped on the skin or directly into the mouth or the eyes and it can produce almost immediate effects. The hallucinations are both auditory and visual when LSD is taken and can often lead to irrational behaviors.

Salvia Divinorum

Although not a widely used psychedelic, salvia divinorum is a plant that can be smoked or eaten to produce dissociative effects. Unfortunately, like most psychedelic drugs, the response that users have to salvia is often much different from one “trip” to the next and even from one person to the next so there’s no way to really know how a user will respond. This can lead to dangerous outcomes especially in users who respond with psychotic episodes.


Although many don’t believe that THC, the chemical found in marijuana is a psychedelic drug, the fact is that this drug can produce an array of effects including hallucinations in some users. Although generally acclaimed as safe, THC can cause physical and psychological dependence which later requires professional treatment.

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