6 Key Factors for Best SEO Content in 2020

6 Key Factors for Best SEO Content in 2020

6 Key Factors for Best SEO Content in 2020

Each year brings some new trends, new ideas, and new changes in existing processes; hence it will not be wrong if we expect some changes, more specifically, some advancement in SEO content as well. seo ranking factors

Here are a few best 6 tips to help you in your SEO content demands in 2020.

1. Focus on Redability.

Readability is one of the major factors for reaching that top rank in search engine result pages.
Each and every word of your website should be so that when your visitors click on your link, every single piece of content should hold them to stay and read.
A page with good readers is considered worthy by Google and is promoted to the higher ranks.
To ensure readability, your content must convey information in an easily understandable manner.
And understandable content engages readers for a longer duration and the longer they stay the more Google recognizes your website.

2. Do Deep Research and Make Sure its Original Worthy Content.

Deep content which includes original research data like fresh information, studies, and statistics gain more visitors as compared to a long boring paragraph.
These pieces of fresh information raise opportunities for attracting not only more visitors but also other websites that seek the same information.

3. Be the expert in SEO (Don’t Bull Shit), the reputation of your brand matters.

Google checks out for this reputation from the views of the wider web (which includes Wikipedia articles, news, forum discussions, think reviews, etc.) and from the experience of the first person (for instance, after crafting of 10 years, your craft book has been published).

4. Format content for featured snippets.

Recently the featured snippets are gaining huge attention in Search Engine Result Pages and this will keep continuing in the coming years.
These little pieces of information may show up on SERPs when any user would search a related question. Featured snippets acquire the first spot on the top of the search page.

5. Add Images to your Content Article.

Research says that the articles with relevant visual display of information enjoy way more views compared to imageless articles and this is because people are defaulted to notice and respond to visuals more.
Inserting image does not mean adding any random over-used image rather you should always use high-quality, well-designed images.

6 Key Factors for Best SEO Content in 2020

6. Improve Your Website Page Load Speed.

The slower your page runs, the more it will frustrate your visitors. After all, no one wants to sit around and wait for your website to load. Usually people don’t wait more than 3-5 seconds for a page loading.

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