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Booking Flights

How ASAP Tickets can offer such cheap flights?

1. Direct access to consolidator, wholesale fares. 2. Lower-priced deals for having well-established relationships with airlines. 3. We mix and match airlines for the best price results. 4. Access to…

Coronavirus and Travel

International Air Travel After Lockdown: Flight Schedules

This is an ultimate guide that will keep you informed on all the latest updates from major international air carriers: flight relaunching, new schedules, routes and much more! American Airlines…


Plan a trip to Liberia

Fly non-stop to Monrovia from multiple cities in US Roberts International Airport Monrovia Chicago Washington Philadelphia New York Boston Atlanta Los Angeles The Cheapest & Most Expensive Times to Fly…

Coronavirus and Travel

COVID-19 #StayAtHome : Celebrity Fun Videos

It’s been a while since the official lockdown took place all around the world and celebrities… well, they are not exempted! Being entertainers, musicians and actors, naturally, they are keen…

Coronavirus and Travel

The World in Times of COVID-19

More than a month has passed and life outside our homes remains on hold. The situation in each country varies as the restrictions in effort to control the spread of…

Coronavirus and Travel

Coronavirus and Travel: all you need to know and a bit more!

Airlines all across the world have canceled thousands of flights as the coronavirus pandemic spreads worldwide. The number of people traveling by plane has dropped by a whopping 96%, and…

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