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can make phone calls from Mexico to the USA for 0.16 cents USD per minute Phone to Phone using the net with no equipment needed or monthly charges.

NetWorldOperator is a patented phone service that uses the Internet to initiate long distance calls ( you must register to use the service). Unlike other Internet-phone providers that use pc-to-phone, NetWorldOperator uses the standard public telephone network to complete calls, so you can use your phone and talk without hearing any delays. You talk using a regular phone, not your PC. This is not voice over the Internet. There is no software to buy or equipment to setup.

Using NetWorldOperator is easy. You simply log-in to our website, once you are registered, and instruct who to call and where you are so it calls that number. When you click “dial now” NetWorldOperator rings your phone and you are immediately connected to the person you dialed. By using NetWorldOperator, you benefit from our discounted wholesale rates and get many other features, such as conference calling, online directories, billing codes and real-time call details. You can also initiate calls using your SMS or PDA. There is no need to switch long distance companies, no cost to join and no monthly fees to pay.


– Low-cost long distance anytime, from anywhere
– Volume rate advantage offered to all subscribers
– No software to download, no hardware to    configure
– Speak over your existing telephone, not your PC
– Billing is in 6 second increments – after the first    minute
– No monthly fees, surcharges or hidden charges
– Keep your existing long distance provider
– Call segregation by Bill Codes
– Individual User call detail
– Unified billing – multiple offices (world-wide) can    operate under a single account
– Account administrator can add / delete Users at    will
– Single currency form of payment ($USD)    regardless of location

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