Do Indian girls like white guys?

Do Indian girls like white guys?

Do Indian girls like white guys?

Don’t let the girls tell you otherwise, or talk about particular cases. Here is an OkCupid (check out their blog, they are amazing at throwing these racial prejudices like this out in the open) graph detailing the reply back rates (a very good proxy for acceptance or desirability) for male senders from female recipients.

Do Indian girls like white guys?
Do Indian girls like white guys?

Clearly, everybody loves white guys, although you can notice that global ethnic minorities of all kinds have less of a racial prejudice. This is, according to me, mostly because they have lesser number of samples of their own kind to pick from, and thus have a wider definition of beauty.

Now let’s look at Indian girls. They clearly hate their own ethnic group (in this regard, they are similar to Black females) almost to the point of exclusion. So yes, Indian women like white guys more than they like Indian guys. It could be internalized racism, or just an indication of the undateable-ness of Indian guys (they perform fairly poorly in general as well) borne mostly out of their repressed background (and tell me not about it, I have lived there all my life and know about it very closely).

These could also indicate how the concept of beauty has been mostly defined by the people in charge of the dominant media: White people. It can easily be seen in fashion, advertising, pop culture, etc. Humans find it easy to define beautiful for things they see over and over again, and culture has been firmly a white man’s commodity for the past couple of centuries.

Also, these trends tend to persist over time (again, check out the blog, it is quite amazing).

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Do Indian girls like white guys? 1

In fact, the trends seem to have gotten stronger. You can also see white women being ranked more favorably than any other ethnic group, demonstrating the point on beauty.

Do Indian girls like white guys? 2

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