Drug Testing

Drug Testing 1

Before you can purchase drug screening services, your organization needs to have a written drug screening policy in place. Identify any federal and state laws with which you must comply.

Before running a background check from a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), you must inform the candidate or employee. The notification must stand alone and cannot be hidden within an employment application.

Once you order the drug test, your candidate or employee will receive an email requesting consent before the test is administered. Like the FCRA consent form, the drug screen consent form informs the candidate about the test and requests authorization.

Once consent is provided, the candidate will receive instructions for completing the drug screen at the test location of their choice.

Once a site is selected, the candidate will receive a CCF, which provides a paper trail of the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of the specimen. Candidates must bring this CCF and a government-issued photo ID with them to the test.

Candidates and employees provide a urine sample at the testing facility. To lessen the risk of false-positives, we encourage the candidate to bring any prescriptions of drugs they are currently taking.

Results are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO), who is specially trained to interpret test results for the highest accuracy. In the event of a positive test result, an MRO is responsible for taking all reasonable and necessary steps to verify the medical records provided by the candidate; if applicable, notifying the pharmacy to verify the legitimacy of the prescription; and, if necessary, contacting the candidate’s treating physician.

Both the employer and candidate can review the results within 1-3 days of the test. The candidate will only be notified if there is an alert (i.e., a positive result) on the test.

If the results of a background check prompts a decision to deny employment, the FCRA requires employers to follow specific adverse action steps.

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