How to Be Good at Mathematics

How to Be Good at Mathematics 1

How to Be Good at Mathematics 2

  • “I got inspired, so I’ll do my best in maths.”

  • “I didn’t like maths at first but I then started linking maths to my life. Every time I would cut an orange it would remind me of the formula of how to work out the circumference. I know it sounds weird but it really helped me a lot. Now I just adore maths!”…” more

  • “It brought a smile to my anxious face and reminded me I can always try again if I fail at first, just like how I’ve beat difficult challenges in video games.”…” more

  • “This helped me understand why math is really important.”

  • “It helped me because I thought it always required to have a special skill to do maths. I ended up Googling the same, eventually leading me here! I think now that I can do it with just a little practice.”…” more

  • “This article helped me to be better at math. It works for me, and it doesn’t give me more pressure to practice math daily for several hours like I did before. Thanks for this advice. It works for me!”…” more

  • How to Be Good at Mathematics 3

    “Wow! Truly speaking, this whole story had inspired me, as I was bit bad at mathematics, but studying from now on. I do vow and believe that math only needs enough time to study it. Nothing else!”…” more

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  • “wikiHow has always been my go-to when seeking answers, so it was no surprise I ended up here, again. And as always, the visit was not disappointing, but quite the opposite!”…” more

  • “This article has helped me see math with different eyes and has made me positive about math. This article has made me realize that no one was born to be a loser in math.”…” more

  • “I was so weak at math once, but after practice, etc., I have improved a lot. This article has played a major role in my improvement. Thank you so much, wikiHow.”…” more

  • “This article helped me to be confident in the techniques of studying math. It also helped me in knowing the ways in which I can concentrate.”…” more

  • “I really enjoyed this because it really helped me with math work that was really hard. I am now moving on to year 8, and I am doing well.”…” more

  • How to Be Good at Mathematics 4

    “I am usually the best in class in maths, but this time I got a level 4 instead of 7. This is what I am resorting to, and it helped a lot.”…” more

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  • “It really helped me because I always thought math was a really hard subject. But now, I know that I can pass math.Thank you very much. “…” more

  • “This article is really helpful to me. It all needs dedication to be good at math, and that is what I need to have.”

  • “The question and answer section helped me because some of my questions were already answered. I love this website!”

  • “I really tried to follow it. It worked, but the fact that my glasses were spoiled didn’t let me see the board. “

  • “This article is so helpful. I guess I’ll just try and see if I can improve because I am sick of getting 7/100.”

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  • “My experience is good, I got the solution of every single question. It’s just great to go through this page.”

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  • “I am very bad at math, but this article really helped get my self esteem up. Now, I will try harder at math.”

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  • “Honestly, this article helped me to stay motivated. Thank you to the good people at wikiHow for that. “

  • “My ambition is to be an engineer, but I had no idea before reading this. Now I know what I should do.”

  • “I’ve been battling with math for as long as I remember, but thanks to this article, I am now a guru!”

  • “This article helped me achieve a lot in math. I got 81/100, I am very grateful to wikiHow for life.”

  • “I am not good in math, but I’m inspired by my friends that it is too simple, so I want to do it. “

  • “This is the best idea and has really helped me a lot. I am able to solve any kind of problems.”

  • “It helped me a lot. I got 100 out of 100 on my test. Now I feel like I am a math expert!!”

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  • “I had scored 45/70, but after reading this I scored 68/70. I scored second in my class! “

  • “Really helped me, since I’m not that good in math, plus I’ll be taking engineering! :)”

  • “Yeah, it helped me by recognizing that I can be well in math if I try, thanks a lot.”

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