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How To Understand Math Easily Guide 1

How To Understand Math Easily Guide 2

Have you ever wondered how when you ask your friends math problem they just finish the problem like it was nothing more than a piece of cake?

The answer to how they got it right is as the answer clicked in their mind. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but if you are good at a type of problem you start to get approach click and this will get you through.

How to understand maths easily

How To Understand Math EasilyLet me be totally honest with you. I was never really great at maths when I was in middle school. I struggled with maths but was actually fine in all other subjects.

I did love solving puzzles and reasoning type of questions (Younger me felt like a detective doing that) but never ever I liked math.

Calculating stuff (We were not allowed to use calculators at my school) and solving those equations was nothing less than an enigma to me. And god save me from trigonometry.

I but did learn how to deal with maths and eventually by the time standardised tests came along I scored highest in maths. My views on the subject have changed, though still not my favourite I do have a favourable opinion of maths.

I want to share with you the guidelines so that its easier for you to understand maths and maybe even end up kinda liking the subject as I did.

#1 Study Daily.

How To Understand Math Easily

This is what most of the people who struggle with maths fail to understand. Mathematics is a mechanical subject and you need to practice it regularly. If you are really weak at it (like I used to be) then do it daily. That’s pretty much the key to succeed in anything.

But How?

I mean if it’s a nightmare to just think about maths how do I go sit and study that to daily. The answer is not that difficult just use habits to your benefit. Have a trigger and use it to make yourself remember to go and study. This is how I used to do it. I made math a part of my morning routine.

I used to wake up, brush my teeth do an hour of maths and only then carry on with my day. Habits are hard to make but once set they are easy as pie to manage.

#2 Attend Your Classes.

How To Understand Math Easily

Okay, while it might seem lame to even mention this point. It is indeed really important that you attend your classes.

See topics feel difficult to most people when starting out but it is important to know the basic thinking and procedure behind problems. To tackle a problem you need the thinking behind and it is best learnt by watching someone do it.

So, go and attend classes and take them seriously.

#3  Take Tests

How To Understand Math Easily

Take a few test weekly (Just pick random questions from the book and do them), Your aim is to check if you can solve all the twists on a concept easily.

This will also help you memorise formulas and track your progress. Don’t underestimate the practice tests they can be a difference between you acing and simply passing an exam.

#4 Don’t be afraid to ask

How To Understand Math Easily

Clear your doubts immediately never leave them unanswered. No question is a stupid question. If you are too shy to ask in class ask personally.

Teachers are there to help you. Most of the teachers will be happy to take your doubts. You can also ask your friends and relatives if they are good at maths. Never think that asking doubts make you look stupid. You can even use google or youtube. The Internet is filled with resources. Just don’t stray away.

#5 Focus On Understanding The Flow Than A Particular Question.

How To Understand Math Easily

Okay, all maths problems have a flow to them. Flow is the sequence of thinking that will lead you to answer a simpler term would be an approach that will get you to answer.

There can be multiple approaches to a given problem. If you can find the approach to solving a problem all that is left the mechanical steps which is pretty easy to do.

For instance, if the question is

To get the real and unique roots for equation x^2 -5x +6=0.

Approach:- You should know that real unique roots mean you can just split the middle term. And find factors which will give you the roots.

Now, its a piece of cake

x^2 -3x -2x +6 = 0 [Split]

(x-3)(x-2) = 0  [Factor]

x = 2 or x = 3   [Result]

If you can learn the approaches and have practised a few questions for each topic it is a guarantee that you will perform way better than you have ever previously done. Math will no longer be you subject to hate.

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