I have no idea what to do

I have no idea what to do 1

From when I was 10 to 14 my uncle used to make me do things with him sexually. I never told anyone about it and I am pretty messed up now, I'm almost 20. My uncle has moved in with his girlfriend who has two sons at 8 & 11. All I can think about is that he is going to do to them what he done to me. I know I should say something but I am too disgusted with myself to even talk about it. Thinking about it is even harder. My mum knew something had happened between me and my uncle and we barely see them now but she doesn't know it was him forcing me to do things like that. I really can't have anyone find out about it but I just have this pit in my stomach he is going to do it to they kids and it will kill me if I just let it happen. I was thinking of trying to speak to his girlfriend but when I have tried to speak about it in the past the words just can't come out and I start to panic and find it hard to breath. I know I must be a scumbag for not having the guts to put a stop to him living with them but I just can't. I feel really conflicted about it.

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