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June 12 release of her latest film Jyoti Lakshmi Charmy Kaur boasting dip was just a day before, ” is very challenging role. I’ve worked hard. The My weight 11 kg lighter. This strong woman-centric film. The audience for the first time ‘Heroine of imminent “will see.’ ‘But the old-fashioned name of lucrative roles a Telugu film actress is about a man who falls in love with a prostitute, and how she for love itself is changing or how a shadow of her past has on their relationship. Jyothi Lakshmi has failed miserably at the box office but the actress and producer’s first film as a male-orientated Kaur Telugu film industry since 2002, also tells the story of her existential.

They still have a few hits with the 53 films. 28-year-old in her 13-year career in Tollywood Charmy Kaur was still trying to reach the summit, but for all the other actresses when they take the side of the former. If something bad happened. June 6 Actress Aarti Agarwal liposuction surgery (to remove fat from the abdomen surgery) after the killing. Born and brought up in New Jersey Agarwal were engaged in efforts to return to the film world. They are living in the US in 2007 after marrying an IT professional had retired from her career. But marital life quickly fell and started to put them had filed for divorce in 2009. Between 2008 and 2015 she worked in four films in a row in New Jersey and Hyderabad were Napti away. The four films were second-rate actors and stories was no virtue. she also dabbled in TV serials, but there also has to do with luck and success is still elusive. The tragic story aside even Agarwal Telugu film industry’s story exemplifies what can happen with any actress. Adolescent insanity in 2001 after starting her career in the Hindi film with Venkatesh in Nuvvu Naku Nacv were acting voluntarily. After that they Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Mahesh Babu, Balakrishna, Tarun, with Junior NTR and Prabhas Johar’s show got acting in key roles. But in March 2005, reports of young romance Udnhe she tried to commit suicide.

They have survived, but within a year, her career began to descend rapidly. After which it is said that she tried to commit suicide on the other. Then her father moved from New Jersey. The first Telugu film producer Suresh Babu Agarwal recalls that chance, ‘Arati and her father felt that the path to success is unilateral. she had talent but now actors of themselves on the strength of her talent, and the further increase leverage over time, while they were resting a little. ‘ In 2013, another popular actress Anjali went missing from the hotel in Hyderabad. A few hours before her stepmother and Tamil films, a director of economic exploitation and ‘used as ATM’ was accused of. Incidentally stepmother, which was her real mother’s younger sister, had no children. The case lasted to file a defamation suit against her. Three months later, her stepmother returned to forget everything. Before the beginning of 2012 to enter the minor roles actress Tara Chowdhary and Uri were reports of her alleged prostitution network. Additional DGP, including police officers, from the leaders of the CD came out with the girls.

Police swung into action on the complaint of a girl that Chowdhury lured girls into prostitution to cast roles in movies. she was deeply concerned Tollywood Chaudhry, her links with politicians and officials and she was about to start a Telugu film that was caught in the clutches of the law. Some of the other actresses are not very different story, even if they allegedly Casting Couch became the darling of the initial hurdles are crossed Telugu audience. Tollywood producer-directors who are notorious for exploiting women but is also bigger the competition out there is to move forward. Also manufacturers of clean and white color prejudice Telugu heroine could have one in every five is. she believes that the Telugu audience than the local girls like girls come outside. Although the big money makers believe that ‘local Telugu girls dancing, wearing a bikini and kissing to do tantrums.’

Telugu actress Anjali Rao Nageswar first time that the film director says, “Most Telugu film career girls do not aspire to govern. There are some, they are not aggressive to survive in the competition and those viewers not interested in other films because they arise out like its competitors, romance or reluctant to show dance. ‘

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Meera Jasmine Hot Video XXX Blue Film

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South Indian film actress Meera Jasmine married renowned IT professional with Anil John Titus ended on Wednesday in a simple ceremony in the cathedral. Both marriages actor Suresh Gopi and Kavya Madhavan except close relatives and other people were present. Registration of marriage both in Kochi on Sunday Jasmine was at the residence of the Special Marriage Act.

Kerala High Court on the petition of the groom under the instruction was provided police protection to marriage. The petition said that the groom was a friend of her and her father threatened to Bangalore that they will not marry. The groom said she had planned to marry him first.

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Anjali XXX Hot Video Blue Film 1

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Producer-director Bharadwaj Tmma Reddy says, ‘The trend of urban Telugu girls and attitude does not fit in most cases.’ ‘They have to match your photos or even hesitated to come to the audition. she says, ‘every other day on my mail CV and can be photographed girls in Mumbai. Recently a Thai girl who expressed the desire to work in the Telugu film Canka given me by mail. ‘ So talented actresses Swati Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films etc.

Madhavi Madhu Shalini and point rely more on offer. But the more popular Telugu actresses do not know who they are and show dominance. They catch up with male actors for dialogue delivery very quickly learn that the story revolves around. Dasari Narayana Rao, veteran director-actor complained, ‘many young actresses on the strength of its beauty and the few years they will throw you in Telugu cinema.’ meeting. At least two films in Telugu Industry Week tries to prepare, which is not necessarily the same release, the scale several times to Bollywood beats. Many big budget films are also out, as some of them are multilingual strongmen 135 crore, to be released on July 10. The most expensive film can be made of the construction costs.

This Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam are also released. Although all the other established producers also put money into the business gamble. Most real estate, information technology and even farming by investing in Telugu cinema industry to make the multi-faceted. Producer KL Damodar Prasad explains, ‘at least two in every five new producer of Telugu film industry to make movies that do not even try to understand the nuances.’ Stars are always advantages in terms of money. Anushka Reddy, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Kajal Agarwal, Tamanna Bhatia and successful actresses like Nayanthara Rs 1 crore for a film producer. Over pay. The Rakul Preet Singh, Anjali, Nithya Menon and actresses such as Regina Cassandra are also 50-80 lakh. Earn up.

Actresses usually ask for more money at short career, because many of the heroes in more than two-three films with them to get off. In recent times, successful career over a decade, as the Kannada origin Soundarya were few actresses. Soundarya were killed in helicopter crash in the 2004 election campaign. Besides, Ramya Krishna of Tamil origin, and of late, Trisha Punjabi Simran are successful. Trisha doing Tamil films too. Therefore, one of the actresses in Tollywood mantra, until the brightness is possible, Gather.

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Kristen Stewart, The 26 years of Successful Hollywood Actress

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 6Kristen Stewart’s birthday. Unlike recent years, this 2016 the actress will very happy because she fell in love again, but a woman. With her girlfriend Soko, known as Soko, Kristen celebrate its 26 years of life. Just as love in the professional field also doing well.It has pending release several films that has been rolling in recent months, including starring alongside Jesse Eisenberg on the orders of Woody Allen, Cafe Society, which will be responsible for opening the Cannes Film Festival.Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 7

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xXx 3: Deepika Padukone wants to s*u*c*k face Nina Dobrev behind the camera

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 8The actors and actresses who are part of the cast of ‘xXx 3’ have no rest. If they are not rolling, they entertained giving frights, joking and sharing photos on social networks. Look at last! It is well known that the sexy female cast of the third film in the saga that tells the story of Xander Cage has a great time during filming, especially that gave life to Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Chronicles, which is always protagonist photo and jokes with her companions. While it is true that Vin Diesel tries not to miss the fun if it is close.

Last time, I showed you in melty video scare Nina Dobrev Ruby Rose on the set of ‘xXx 3’, but today it has turned the tables. This time was Deepika Padukone who has used her sense of humor and has taken the tongue and approached this muscle to the cheek of the former girlfriend of Ian Somerhalder, who seems not flinch behind enormous black-rimmed glasses . This funny selfie has come to the public by DJ Caruso, director of the film, as well as the Bulgarian actress, who have not hesitated to return to share with their followers what happens on the set of recording between sequences.

Deepika Padukone, who makes her debut in Hollywood with ‘xXx 3’, has been integrated perfectly with her castmates and, as shown by the pictures that are hanging on the Internet the actors and actresses seem a big family. The Bulgarian beauty, continuing the joke that had begun with Bollywood star stick out her tongue, wrote in her tweet under the picture: “Becky + the Nerd Tech Serena film’s the female badass”, meaning “Becky (the character plays), the freaky technology (referring to her outfit intellectual, suppose the script asks) and Serena (the role of Indian actress and model), the film unfriendly “.

In melty continue giving us hope that many more of these funny moments in the filming of the action movie. If you do not want to miss any, please keep us informed and, if you have not yet had the opportunity to do so, we invite you to subscribe to the dossiers that are dedicated exclusively to ‘xXx 3’ and Nina Dobrev.Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 9

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Actress Margot Robbie’s Movies Tarzan & Suicide Squad Release Soon

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 10The new phase of shooting the film ‘Suicide Squad’ is introducing many changes within the initial footage shot by David Ayer. It has long been assumed to be certain the great significance of the intervention character Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie. Now we also know details about a marked improvement in her contract here for the next titles in the DC universe. Since the new phases of shooting the film ‘Suicide Squad’ began many rumors about broke. Such as the draft within the main argument of the film.

We now know that in addition to including more shots of Batman, Harley Quinn’s character is of great relevance in the tape group. A much comes the increase and the forecast of their influence on the rest of the film universe DC, the contract Margot Robbie (actress charged with interpreting it in the movies) will improve significantly from here on. As usual with first deliveries of comic sagas, the protagonsitas contracts are not usually much lower.

All at the expense of what will happen in the future of the franchise. Each of them separately negotiated and apparently Margot Robbie managed to leave open possibilities to avoid signing a large expansion in the number of films. That point now play in their favor once they have released the latest official trailer of filime. And the great impact of the character in social networks since the promotion of argument directed by David Ayer began.

Warner and DC do claim to have Margot Robbie for films of ‘The Justice League’. The actress herself recently spoke about her desire to follow at least two or three years. Thus a significant improvement in her contract facilitate this point. For now what we know is that the film ‘Batman Vs Superman’ will, almost certainly, a re uncensored. With over 25 minutes of extra footage and a large number of details of your main characters, such as Lex Luthor. The premiere of ‘Suicide Squad’ is located in the month of August. With a number of developments within the extensive DC cinematic universe that will be coming in the next few months. Maybe in the next official trailer we count more information about it.Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 11

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Wim Wenders directs Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy in ‘Submergence’

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 12In 2015, the German Wim Wenders premiered “Everything will be fine ‘(‘ Everything Will Be Fine ‘), although its reception from critics and the press went quite unnoticed. Now, the veteran director has just begun filming in Berlin ‘Submergence’, a romantic thriller that stars in an explosive duo of Alicia Vikander -the fashionable girl in Hollywood and James McAvoy. ‘Submergence’ is based on the novel by JM.

Ledgard and tells the story of a hydraulic engineer suspected of being a British spy by the jihadists in Somalia who have kidnapped her. Thousands of kilometers away, a biomathematics works in the depths of the Greenland Sea. Months before and after a chance meeting, the two had shared a passionate love story recall in the most difficult moments of respective situations. The film will be shot between Germany, France, Spain and Africa, and has Spanish co-production of hand Morena Films.

‘Submergence’ is the first film Alicia Vikander after winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for ‘The Danish Girl’ ( ‘The Danish Girl’, Tom Hooper, 2015). And it has several outstanding titles debut as ‘Jason Bourne’ Paul Greengrass and ‘The light between oceans’ ( ‘The Light Between the Oceans’) Derek Cianfrance.Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 13

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Miss World to Star of Quantico: Priyanka Chopra

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 14They might not sound anything the name of this actress. But the reality is that Priyanka Chopra is an eminence in India, where she has worked more than 15 years in several Bollywood films and from where she made the leap to American television to become the protagonist of Quantico. The series chronicles the lives of a group of FBI recruits in her race for a seat on the body of world’s most demanding agents. Together they will have to solve the most serious terrorist attack after the 11S in New York. The drama, which some have described as a mixture of Grey’s Anatomy and Homeland, has been renewed for a second season. In Spain we will see new episodes of the first season from April 7 on AXN. After the winter break, which lasted until March, “the new episodes put us two months after the attack and we discover who the terrorist,” says Priyanka in a telephone conversation with other international media. her role as Alex Parrish has taught her that “only you can destroy yourself and that you are solely responsible for your own life.

I think it’s very important to stand up for our beliefs and defend them, “he confesses. However, it confirms that the differences between her and her character are remarkable. “I think Alex is very different from Priyanka: is brave, unapologetic, not afraid. I, however, am very shy, introverted, I believe in the goodness of people while Alex suspicion of everyone. We are two very different people. ” Although for some Priyanka Chopra is a total stranger, it has spent many years in front of a camera and tanned in the runnings. “It’s my first experience in television but I’ve already 15 films and I’ve done a lot of work in the film industry in India.

I’m ready to roll and have experience “confirms the other side of the phone. The only problem I found, says, “is to shoot a TV series is very hard because there are many hours, about 15 a day, and we are all very far from our homes. Sometimes all that together can become very difficult to bear. ” Priyanka is proud of what she has achieved in these years of hard work. She won the Miss World pageant 18 years, began her career as an actress in the Bollywood industry and the US came to her. “I was shooting a film in India and came the deputy head of casting ABC” she says. Despite her experience, “I was not sure to go to a whole new country with another culture. But I have a lot of experience in front of the camera and think the United States has been very kind to me and I felt very accepted, I received much love from the industry, audience and media. It is a wonderful experience that I recommend to all artists in the world “.

Last January Priyanka Chopra was the favorite actress at the People’s Choice Awards for portraying Alex Parrish. When she was nominated only three chapters had been issued. When she won coincided with the winter break. And so it held: “It’s very nice to be accepted by Americans. It is true that Indian industry is the one that has taught me everything I know today. But I think we should educate people on diversity and why I think the people here have been very good to me, “confirms proud.”Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 15

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Actress Sophie Turner told about working with Jennifer Lawrence

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 16In spite of its success, the actress Sophie Turner (20) continues to feel like a fan more when it comes to meeting their colleagues, especially if it’s Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence, with whom she has worked in ‘X- Men: Apocalypse ‘. Yes, the reception that gave the franchise was great, despite the joke that she spent Fassbender on her first day on the set. “Despite being one of the most famous actresses in the world, [Jennifer Lawrence] has her feet on the ground. One day I was sick and she took care of me, was constantly asking how I was and gave me my pills. It was like an older sister. I was also very nervous about meeting Michael Fassbender but [on my first day on set] looked at her and she raised her finger, joking, so I thought: ‘Let’s get along,’ “recalls Sophie in the British edition of Marie Claire magazine.

For the actress, being in a saga like ‘X-Men’ has been a big step in her career, so when she had to call her mother to inform her that they had chosen her to play the young Jean Grey could not avoid mourn for joy. “I called my mother and began to mourn, and I also began to mourn. Then my phone started to burn, “says the actress. A Sophie enduring tears is a job that will cost much, since neither could avoid mourn when President Obama confessed that she loved her series ‘Game of Thrones’. “I met Obama at correspondents’ dinner at the White House and said, ‘I love your show’ and I said, ‘I love you’ and I began to mourn, it was embarrassing. 

And she continued: ‘I hope you do not die [in the series]’ and I said, ‘Me too’. I was completely overwhelmed but it was amazing, “says Sophie.

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 17

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Deepika Padukone Hot Video Blue Film 1

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 18

Acting in movies before joining the Totally Confident Deepika Padukone said. She touched the heights of success and in the movies, but she also made her mark as a great actress. But the bitter truth of life of a successful actor, what happens? Career and personal life and also some questions connected with Deepika Padukone. her first film ‘Om Shanti Om’ from the Bollywood Deepika Padukone had undefin-She then movie-by-movie career plummeted touching new highs. The first line of the heroines of today are counted. 

Deepika at the sight of the implications of acting? How much desire to work with her hero? Ranveer Singh about what they have to say? What is their thinking about love? Career and personal life, and more attached to the open-open talks with Deepika Padukone. Confident How did you come to the movies before?

Even before the movies with my acting was completely Confident, because I already know what I can do, what not. After several experiments as a heroine by my characters, who are also successful. 

What does this mean for you to acting?

Acting is my passion. In any case I want to be involved in acting. That is why I am calling every movie Anjwoy. 

You hear a lot of people tend to surprise? Yes, I would like to give a surprise. Give people a surprise-by shooting extend surprised all. Life comes from the excitement of surprise. What is the bitter truth of life of a successful actor? 

A successful actor of public life seems to be very fun, but the truth is something else. Actually, there is no time to be a successful actor’s own. she is such a lack of time she gets away from her personal life. Whether it is a friend or family members. 

Selection of movies and what kind you are seeing? 

Selection of good stories and her character in the film I am looking at. It does not make sense to me that my film will many million business. I ‘reservation’, ‘Fanny’ and ‘Piku’ films not for money.

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xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Actress Deepika PadukoneHot Video Blue Film

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 19
Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone’s first Hollywood movie xXx: The Return of Xander Cage set of pictures are shared on Instagram account. The movie, to be released January 20, 2017 in Hollywood, she stepped through. Xxx action thriller film directed by DJ. The film is in Toronto Canada. Deepika also some scenes of the movie are filmed in Canada, the land of waterfalls. XXX has appeared in two films of the series so far. Triple X’s debut came in 2002. The film’s hero Vin Diesel, who plays in the film, Cage gender. Vin Diesel Hollywood action series “The Fast and The Furious” also worked.

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Genelia D’souza Hot XXX Video Blue Film

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 20
Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza on Tuesday, a little boy came home. According to information, the couple’s son attained Gems and Gemstones in the world have become the new parents. Ritesh tweeted today shared the joys of fatherhood and the child was born is their home. Consider that Riteish and Genelia’s wedding in February 2012 took place. Ritesh’s fatherhood news was spread to an explosion of congratulations to the couple in Bollywood. Karan Johar, Abhishek Bchchn, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu, Nikhil Advani and several actors on the realization of the couple gems son sent a congratulatory message.

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Radhika Apte Hot Leaked XXX Video Blue Film

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 21
Radhika Apte tells herself a lover of cotton fabrics. she says she is grateful to be a part of the fashion show. These are young, they like to be comfortable. She said I am very grateful to be a part of the show because I like the collection. I personally do not wear cotton clothing and for me the most important thing is to be comfortable. I’m not going to pretend it more friendly to my collection.

Radhika Apte says that she is happy to see increasing use of traditional costumes. In a short time the actress Radhika Apte large identity was released past the short film “Ahilya” was also greatly appreciated. Bollywood actress Radhika Apte are fourth in the South have signed the film with Superstar Rajinikanth. She soon movie Badlapur also worked with Varun Dhawan. Radhika Bollywood film ‘Shor in the City’ with Tushar Kapoor had appeared. She married in 2013, British musician Benedict Taylor. Radhika Marathi and Hindi film industry besides Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam film industry have earned a name.

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Kareena Kapoor Hot XXX Video Blue Film

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 22

Sometimes living in the news for her relationship with Shahid Kapoor and Kareena are once again in the spotlight. This is your chance to ‘fly Punjab’s. Yes, both Kareena and Shahid are working. April 16 launch trailer of the film in Mumbai on stage fell. Both were also questioned by some. When asked what it was like to film again …. and ‘JAB Matt “No, after you see …?

Kareena and Shahid answers were very funny. Shahid quipped that the four people in the film. Your question is three people or two people …. My Kareena is not a single shot. We enjoyed each other’s work, not on the individual days. Shahid said in response to a question, which is not only about how we can tell him? But Kareena was all smiles this one-line answer came Gi- ‘Jab We Met’ is always available in the DVD … 

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor in with ’36 China Town ‘and’ Fida ‘has worked with. There was a time when both were in the friendship among other posts, but later Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor married Mira Rajput. Shahid Kapoor has recently confirmed that she would be a father.

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Alia Bhatt Hot XXX Video Blue Film 2

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 23
Bollywood upcoming movie “Udah Punjab ‘trailer is released. In the film, Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead role. Ali and Shahid in the movie trailer for the first time will see in this kind of role. Seeing the movie trailer is clear that the film is made about drugs in Punjab.

The dialog has the Bhojpuri frown. After 9 years, through the film again with ex-girlfriend appeared Shahid and Kareena. Abhishek Chaubey directed Punjab Flyer ‘will be released on June 17.

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Alia Bhatt Blue Film Hot XXX Video

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 24
Bollywood stars are millions of fans and if any fan would want to take their picture so no one could find a star, but a recent photograph of the actress Alia Bhatt draw a guard became so expensive that she lost her job.

The news that the movie The English Vinglish’s director Gauri Shinde and Alia Bhatt are making a film with Shah Rukh, Gauri, the film wants to give Aliya a secret look. During the shooting of this film, there exists a guard tried to draw a picture of Alia for Jaunty Gauri Shinde after which the guards were furious.

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Shraddha Kapoor XXX Video Blue Film

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 25
The film ‘Aashiqui 2’, ‘Ek Villain’ and Haider gaining popularity with films like Shakti Kapoor Shraddha Kapoor says that her father wants to walk on the Nkshekhdm. You might even be surprised by reading this on faith says, “What I want to do negative role like her father.” Films portray innocent or bubbly girl has bore faith says, “Now I want to play a negative role if good then I am willing to be the villain.” Faith’s father Shakti Kapoor in Bollywood and has acted in more than 300 films, often have to go for their negative role. Trust says the film career of her father, “I am proud of my father. I wish I could walk and I like them on their Nkshekhdm shall be managed.” She further adds, “They are my inspiration and they always react on my work honestly. Like do not praise too then turn evil.” Reverence for her upcoming film ‘Baghi’ actor ‘Tiger Shroff’ will appear with the actions.

Shraddha Kapoor explains, “I always wanted to do an action movie, when I was praying, I had the opportunity to film the action scenes, I got the opportunity to be so, and finally.” Recalling her childhood faith says, “As a child, all I ‘Tomboy’ was. The boys play with and was like to be like them and I myself the action scenes in the film are shot.” In 2013 came the film “Aashiqui 2 ‘After the success of the trust’s name was connected to her co-star Aditya Roy Kapur. Then there were reports of the two being separated. Now once again the faith and Aditya film Janu OK “will appear in the work. Faith, your relationship with her and Aditya says, “there are also the news about me as those I do not ever know.”

Shraddha Kapoor further adds, “I do not care of the news. I just mean from work and whenever I get free time I spend with the family likes that.” The film was released on April 29, ‘Baghi’ directed by Sabir Khan and Tiger Shroff in the lead role in the film would look with reverence. (BBC Hindi’s Android app, you can click here. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.)

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Shraddha Kapoor XXX Film Blue Video 2

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 26
Blockbuster movies ‘Aashiqui 2’, ‘Haider’ and ‘ABCD 2’ actress Shraddha Kapoor, who show their singing skills to the point that her upcoming film ‘Rock On 2’ all Parshwgeet sing himself. she also revealed that in the near future she plans to work with Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. In the film, Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Prachi Desai in lead roles and Kohli east.

27-year-old actress Kapoor, music drama film ‘Rock On’ was included in the second edition of which will star. Chatting with her fans on Twitter that she was asked in awe Rock On 2 ‘no harping on whether a’ villain ‘star said: “Yes, I Goung all the songs.” Mr Dealers are directing this film.

The actress revealed that actor Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor in future projects she wants to work with. Reverence romantic-action film ‘Rebel’ opposite Tiger Shroff said. she said: “I hope people will like the rebels. We have worked very hard on it. “

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Ariana Grande reveals the list of songs from Her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 27

Through her personal Instagram account, Ariana Grande revealed the list of songs that will be part of her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’, which goes on sale next May 20. The singer of ‘Focus’ was released by the subjects through a video, which is shown holding the title of each of the tracks in a series of photos compiled. 

The new album Ariana Grande is composed of 15 tracks, including ‘Be Alright’ and ‘Dangerous Woman’, songs that are already on sale. It is noted that the album features collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Macy Gray, and Lil Wayne Future. With the latter performs ‘Let Me Love You?’, A song which was released Monday.Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 28

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xXx 3: Nina Dobrev returned to the set after Coachella

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 29After a short break where the actress Nina Dobrev was in Coachella, it is time to return to xXx set sharing credits with Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson. In melty we show the photo you shared and what is known about the film. In 2002 came to the big screen the story of Xander Cage, an extreme ex-athlete who joins the NSA as a spy to infiltrate a Russian terrorist organization.

After a sequel that did not have the main character, becomes the third with Vin Diesel (who also will see in Fast and Furious 8) reprising her role as Cage Xnader along with Samuel L. Jackson and revive Augustus Gibbons Nina Dobrev that Becky will play Clearidge. After a short break to enjoy the biggest musical event in the United States, Coachella, actress 27 yearsSheis back on the set. Melty we show in the photo shared Dobrev and all that is known about the film so far.

Nina Dobrev did not hesitate to fill her Instagram with photos of Coachella, whereShewas seen enjoying the festival with her friends Josh Hutcherson and Scott Eastwood. But now, the actress shared a new photo after her time in California whereSheis seen traveling in first class back to the set. “The best vibes post-Chella in the airport. Back to work, “he wrote the actress. But her return to the set can not be anything boring, as the new film will be full of action, plus for the photos that have been shared on social networks is that all the cast Raisin best.

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage is an espionage thriller where we see Xander Cage come out of exile to face the warrior alpha Xiang,Shetried to recover a sinister and seemingly unstoppable weapon known as Pandora’s Box. Xander’s new team will be immersed in a conspiracy that will be hard to leave. You can also see Ruby Rose (Orange Is the New Black) participate in the film. The third installment of the franchise will hit theaters on January 20, 2017.Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 30

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Sonam Kapoor Hot XXX Video Blue Film

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 31
Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor quite hit the headlines with her style. Sonam recently because of its a dress Oops Moment faced. It happened during an award show. Sonam Kapoor, who was wearing dress awards show, it seemed their cleavage. Their lot of things are happening these photos. Evergreen Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam has a different focus for their style, but often because of their clothes become troublesome to them.

During a recent award show happened. Bollywood stars Sonam arrived in the Hall of Fame Award. Despite many of the stars everyone’s eyes on them was halted. Was it because of their dress. she seemed uncomfortable at times. Sonam Kapoor wore the dress, it seemed their cleavage. Their lot of things are happening these photos. Sonam Kapoor has headlines several times because of her clothing. Sonam Kapoor once before in the presence of a highly intoxicating dress was seen in the Award Function. Luke and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton have come to India for the first time. Bollywood celebrity charity dinner was also present on the occasion.

Sonam Kapoor was also present during this. But fashion girl Sonam considered troubled little surprised! Good at her fashion sense is considered largely to disappoint all of her dress. Lebanese Elie Saab dress fashion Dijaninr Sonam Kapoor wore vaccine demand. They flashed a light in the same event

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Sonakchi Sinha Hot XXX Blue Film Video 1

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 32
Today, when most Bollywood actresses appearing in the zero figure and slender physique race is engaged. While that is a Bollywood actress whom are proud to be able-bodied. Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha says that her figure is always Hatti-Katti and she always wants to be the same.

Asked in an interview that Sonakshi thereby Pednekr Chopra and land, including all of Bollywood actresses vying to be thin, why is engaged, she continued to have my curves And I think the land curves are still intact. I think that is all it needs. Sonakshi said I’m always Hatti-Katti.

Do whatever I tried, I remained the same and I want to be like that. I’m like, I’m proud of her. Sonakshi only “Dabangg”, “Rowdy Rathore” and “Marauder” did not leave the impression of acting in movies such as its excellent, but its style as well as in real life she is a fashion icon Have become.

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Sonakchi Sinha Hot Video XXX Blue Film 2

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 33

Virat Kohli rough these days, often remain in the spotlight. Victory in the first Twenty20 World Cup, then getting slammed on social media voice against Anushka Sharma Lifting by Dhoni then took selfies with daughter Jhiwa Headline-Kohli of her exploits are discussed in another.

The 27-year-old player in the concert of her fellow cricketer Rohit ‘sari phos bit’ song with actress Sonakshi dance showed extremely likeable. This month’s program Dinsbr But viral on social media, it is now. Rohit Sharma, Virat Bhangra also been spectacular in concert.

However, as a bonus to us on March 31 between India and West Indies T20 World Cup final, has received a video of the T20 team vice-captain Kohli put jive to the beats Are visible. At the stand of the stadium at the beginning of the video, standing actor Anil Kapoor starrer ‘heart jumped two’ songs are shifting. Then the camera turns on the field from the stands, the boundary of the Anil Kohli put jive to the beats in the style of stand closer look.

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Katrina Kaif Video Blue Film Hot XXX 2

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 34
Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor heard two weeks ago had received reports of the breakup. Yet it has not said anything publicly Ranbir and Katrina. But in a recent interview to a news channel, the Ranbir Katrina was linked to an alarmingly.

When Katrina was asked why she split with Ranbir, she said, “Look, it is a wrong question. I was not ever in a relationship with Ranbir. Who said I was ever in a relationship with Ranbir. ” Katrina say whatever, but according to reports, not only in the live-in relationship with Ranbir was in. Ranbir and Katrina had only recently started to be different.

Please tell Katrina in her upcoming film ‘twisted’ are engaged in the promotion. Apart from Katrina and Aditya Roy Kapoor in the film Tabu will be seen in key roles.

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Katrina Kaif Hot XXX Video Blue Film

Indian Actress Blue Online Celebrity News 35
Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in the beginning of this year to break the shocking news was revealed. Now even though both have maintained silence on this, but their relationship has come into the spotlight because of the rough. Now the latest news is that Katrina exposed the Kapoor family, WhatsApp has been removed from the group.

According to the report, the group’s administrator, Ranbir Katrina’s aunt Ritu Nanda’s remove. The report also said that Rishi Kapoor who were previously not part of the group, so she removed it after Katrina have joined. Ranbir-Katrina film these days ‘Jagga spy’ busy, allegedly because of their breakup was delayed for a long time. Now both in personal life and professional life to come with a side and that the film is expected to be released soon have increased.

The Kapoor family WhatsApp group is alarming news to remove Katrina, Ranbir’s family because of their close relationship at a time and have been seen together on several occasions.

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