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Due to the recent interruption to school timetables, we have created Home Study Kits.

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We have expert Maths tutors from Leeds to London and everywhere in between. Always one to one, and always to an exceptional level.

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What is MME? Maths Made Easy! From GCSE Maths revision to KS3 Maths SATs papers, we are the number 1 maths platform in the country.

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Mock Exams & Cards

We offer a wide range of study aids including mock exam papers & revision cards, all created by our expert team, delivered direct to your door.

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Featured Study Aids

We offer a wide range of study aids including mock exam papers & revision cards, all created by our expert team, delivered direct to your door.

Maths Made Easy Revision Maths Tuition 3THOUSANDS OF TUTORS AVAILABLE

Find an expert local tutor

Find a local maths tutor in your area! We work with a small number of expert maths tutors in each location. No group lessons, no online lessons, just the very best one to one maths tuition which results in students making more progress.


Revision materials for students

Revision materials, past papers, video explanations, online revision tests and worksheets, there is everything you need to effectively revise. Whether you are a parent looking for KS2 SATs papers, or a student looking for GCSE Maths materials, Maths Made Easy, makes finding them easy!

Revise Subjects NowMaths Made Easy Revision Maths Tuition 4Maths Made Easy Revision Maths Tuition 5GIVE YOUR STUDENTS THE BEST

Resources for teachers & tutors

Our service is not just for parents and students; we also help schools, teachers and tutors by providing free access to thousands of high quality resources. We are committed to helping education professionals save time, effort and money by organising free resources into an easily accessible format.


YouTube videos and past papers

Video explanations are one of the most effective learning aids, which is why we invest so much time into making them. Along with past papers, video tutorials are what students use most when revising and Maths Made Easy makes it as easy as possible to access the very best video content.

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98% of parents and students say ‘Excellent’.

D Wheat

The exam papers are good but the cards are better.

Reviewed: KS3 Maths Bundle

Mrs Ashworth

I have seen different types of maths ‘exam papers’ over the years. The issue with many of them is that it is easy to make algebra and number questions but difficult to make graph and geometry questions so you end up with papers that disproportionately favour question types that are easy to construct rather than having a proper representation of the curriculum. The mme papers are totally different to anything that I have seen other than the actual exams. They are set out in the correct format and the question coverage over each set of 3 papers marries up well with the specification. I will be recommending we use the mme GCSE maths papers for this years mocks. Exceptional.

Reviewed: GCSE Maths Predicted Papers

L Turner

The ks3 maths cards are exactly what we expected. The descriptions on the website explain what they are and what they contain very well and the reviews help so hopefully mine helps someone else looking to get these. A recommended buy.

Reviewed: KS3 Maths Revision Cards

Mrs Char

The A level cards have helped our daughter. She used your gcse ones last year and said that the A level ones are even better.

Reviewed: A Level Maths Revision Cards


The best free maths website there is. I use all the worksheets and intro guidance to help me understand each topic, especially the algebra stuff.

Reviewed: resources

L Langer

Our first time using a maths tutor online and we are very pleased with the service and results. Martha has just received her online mock test score back from school and she has moved up 2 grades or levels whatever they now call them. She is ecstatic as are we. We highly recommend Maths Made Easy to parents and students alike.

Reviewed: tuition (online)

Liam Morrison

The online tuition was what we were hoping for. A lesson with an experienced teacher, delivered one on one, as close to the real thing as you can get in terms of a tutor actually being in the home. We have booked more lessons and hope the progress continues. thanks

Reviewed: tuition (online)

Mrs Kelly

Thank you for arranging the maths tuition with Amy. The lessons have been going well and the feedback we have has has given us a real insight into how George is actually performing in his GCSE work. We hope to continue with this once schools go back and continue making excellent progress. Thanks again.

Reviewed: tuition (online)Image placeholder

100% Money Back Guarantee

Have a lesson with one of our expert tutors. If you are not happy with the lesson or you feel that you or your child didn’t connect with the tutor, then simply let us know and we will provide a full refund for your first lesson.

Money back guara

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We answer the calls and enquiries for you so that you can focus on the tuition. Through our platform you will receive more tuition requests and therefore have more lessons.


At Maths Made Easy we are committed to making the very best revision materials and resources. We are the only tuition platform in the country to offer a comprehensive set of maths resources which we have built to help our tutors and students succeed.


Our promise to tutors is that our commission will always be fair and lower than the competition. Leave the marketing to us so that you can focus on your lessons.


At Maths Made Easy we are different in many ways. We charge lower tuition fees than most and we make more free resources than any other tuition platform in the country. We believe in quality with everything we offer and everything we do. Be part of something different.

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