My girlfriend split up with me and she has told

My girlfriend split up with me and she has told 1

For 2 months I have received anonymous social media account messages and a lot of my friends wont speak to me anymore. I really want this to pass but I feel like people will never forget. I am getting a lot of abuse from people calling me gay and stuff. I know I like girls and not guys but its because of some of the things I like to. I was really into her playing with my bum and for us to *** kiss. I know most guys would be disgusted by this but it really turned me on. I don't really have anyone to speak to right now and I have came off most social media because of alo the hate I've been getting. Will this follow me about my entire life when I leave school I'm 16 just now. People still make fun of a boy in my year who wet himself at the start of high school so I feel like ill never escape this. I have thought a lot about just killing myself but I would never do it because I don't have guts to do it and get to scared

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