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This is a winner. Optimum Nutrition Rocky Road is one I regret pushing off to the side. I was avoiding it because I had no clue what it was but after I Googled it, everything turned around.

Rocky Road was the winner of last time’s poll (vote now on the right-hand sidebar).

And I’m glad it won.

Now, before I get into the review, I know some of you might not know what it is either.

Rocky Road is a type of chocolate ice cream. But not just any chocolate ice cream. Rocky Road also consists of nuts and marshmallows too. And in Optimum Nutrition Rocky Road, you’ll get to experience all of it in just one shake.

Yes! Just take a look below…

The moment my package arrived, I popped open the lid to take a whiff. It smelled like your typical chocolate protein powder. At least the ones from Optimum Nutrition.

I then made myself a shake with water.

And lo and behold, I couldn’t believe it.

Rich, creamy, sweet goodness. And in the background, you get a bit of nuttiness and hints of marshmallows floating around.

Now I’ll admit, this might sound too good to be true.

But this isn’t the first time Optimum Nutrition hit the nail on the head when it came to chocolate flavored protein powders. Almost all their best flavors are chocolate-based. And I think I might have to edit my Best Optimum Nutrition Flavors list after trying Rocky Road.

It definitely deserves a spot up there with the rest of the Optimum Nutrition “Chocolate Greats” such as Extreme Milk Chocolate, Double Rich Chocolate, and Mocha Cappuccino.

And if this wasn’t good enough, wait til you see how it tastes in milk…

This was exciting. I tried one scoop of Rocky Road with one glass of milk. And I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t one of the best things I’ve ever tried.

Super creamy and sweet, milk is the perfect match for this flavor. After all, milk is used to make Rocky Road ice cream.

Not overpowering the taste of the protein powder, you can still taste the nuts and marshmallows in this shake. And that to me, is what makes this a fantastic flavor.


Because if you try some flavors and mix it with milk, it’ll usually drown out the protein powder. Take Optimum Nutrition Chocolate Mint for example. With water, you taste the mint. But with milk, it’s barely detectable.

This isn’t the case with Rocky Road. Rocky Road holds up and keeps everything together.

Like with only milk, Rocky Road is still its own even when a banana is tossed into the mix. Although I wasn’t expecting this to taste too great, it most certainly does.

Rocky Road with a banana is a tried and tested recipe. Not only did it taste great in a protein shake, there’s also actual ice cream recipes combining these two.

And as you could imagine how the real thing would taste, this was no different.

The only thing missing was the nuttiness. With a banana, the chocolate and marshmallow-y goodness is still in play.

So just imagine this…

The natural sweetness of a whole banana, topped of with creamy marshmallows, coated in chocolate, and all blended smoothly together with the help of some rich whole milk. It really doesn’t get better than this.

Can you guess what happened after a few weeks?

That’s right.

It tasted just as great as the first shake. Although it didn’t get better (it’s rare any protein powder gets better as you keep drinking it), it didn’t taste any worse. And that’s something to keep in mind.

Most protein powders start tasting terrible after a while. Or worse, it may get so boring you stop looking forward to drinking it.

But Rocky Road never lost its touch.

I don’t know what it is about it, but I guess it’s the range of flavors it has.

You have flavors like Double Rich Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream which only give you one flavor. And you have others like Chocolate Mint and Mocha Cappuccino which have two flavors.

But then there’s Rocky Road with a total of three flavors — chocolate, peanuts, and marshmallows — all blended together in one whey protein.

If you’ve been thinking about getting yourself a tub of Rocky Road, don’t even hesitate.

Don’t do what I did and push it aside. It is one of the best flavors I’ve tried in a while from Optimum Nutrition. And I think I’ve already tried over half of them as I write this.

The best part about Rocky Road is how great it can taste with just water. It doesn’t need milk, fruit, or a special recipe to make it bearable.

Straight out of the container, it’s already a masterpiece ready to be mixed.

But if you do mix it with milk and/or a banana, you can’t go wrong with that either. Although I didn’t get the chance to try this with peanut butter like I do with my other reviews, I’m sure it’ll be just as great since it already has a peanut taste.

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