Page actions are temporarily disabled

Page actions are temporarily disabled

Page actions are temporarily disabled in google webmaster tool please recomond any suggetion

Page actions are temporarily disabled in my google webmaster search console it not perform any crawling and indexing my url.

Introduction to Indexing

The indexing of your content by Google is determined by system algorithms that take into account user demand and quality checks. You can influence the Google indexing process by how you manage the discovery of your content, which relies on the URL of the page. Without your pages’ URLs, our systems cannot crawl, index, and ultimately present your information in Search. This document introduces the notion of getting into the Google index by helping you decide how to manage discovery of your content by Google, which is the first step in the indexing process.

Ways to manage your resources for discovery by Google

You can choose a number of approaches to help Google find your resources and data, from entirely passive to very pro-active. This section describes the general choices you might want to make to providing resource metadata—sitemaps and resource linking—to best position your content to appear in Search.

  • Although we index billions of webpages and are constantly working to increase the number of pages we include, we don’t guarantee that we’ll crawl all of the pages of a particular site.
  • Google doesn’t crawl all the pages on the web, and we don’t index all the pages we crawl.
  • It’s perfectly normal for not all the pages on a site to be indexed

2020 October 14, ongoing

The “Request Indexing” feature of the URL Inspection Tool has been disabled in order to make some technical updates. We expect it to be re-enabled in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, Google continues to find and index content through our regular methods, as covered here

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