Pakistan Cancel Helicopter Deal With France

Pakistan Cancel Helicopter Deal With France

Pakistan Cancel Helicopter Deal With France

The was worth $1.5 billion proposal for Pakistan Navy’s ASW helicopter.

Pakistan announced cancellation of 27 EC725 Caracal Multimission Helicopters of French company Airbus’s proposal  for the Pakistan Navy’s ASW helicopter program.

Earlier, Pakistan had selected France’s Airbus as one of the final contenders for the tender process to buy 27 helicopters for the modernization of the Pakistan Navy helicopter fleet, in a deal valued at around $1.5 Billion.

pakistan cancel french company airbus
pakistan cancel french company airbus

Pakistan Cancel Eurocopter EC725

Military transport
The Eurocopter EC725 Caracal, now called Airbus Helicopters H225M, is a long-range tactical transport military helicopter developed from the Eurocopter AS532 Cougar for military use. It is a twin-engined aircraft and can carry up to 28 seated troops along with two crew, depending on customer configuration.
Top speed: 324 km/h
Unit cost: 45,000,000–55,000,000 USD (2012)
Variants: Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma
Role: Tactical transport helicopter/armed helicopter
Number built: 90
Engine type: Turbomeca Makila
EC725 Airbus Helicopters video.
The EC725 is a new version of the medium-lift (11-tonne category) twin-engine COUGAR helicopter. The French Armed Forces have decided to enefit from the very enhanced performance of this new version for its future Combat SAR and Special Operations helicopters. Airbus Helicopters leader in civil helicopter or military helicopter transport proposes a wide range of utility helicopters and is the first fully-integrated aircraft company in Europe. Discover tiger helicopter, super puma, dauphin helicopter and more civil and military helicopter.
Chinese Z-20F
Chinese Z-20F Rupprecht_A on Twitter: “A great CG of the Z-20F naval helicopter. (Images via @高山CG from Weibo)
Pakistan is likely to consider the other final contenders, which are better options, most probably the Chinese Z-20F or the American S-70B SeaHawk.

American S-70B SeaHawk

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Indian LCA Tejas vs JF-17 Thunder Pakistan

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