Pakistan Military Strength 2021

Pakistan Military Strength 2021

Pakistan Military Strength 2021
Pakistan Military Strength 2021

For 2021, Pakistan is ranked 10 of 138 out of the countries considered for the annual GFP review. It holds a PwrIndx* rating of 0.2083 (0.0000 considered ‘perfect’).

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Total Population: 223,500,636

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Available Manpower 96,105,273 (43.0%)

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Fit-for-Service 75,923,166 (34.0%)

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Reaching Military Age Annually 4,327,620 (1.9%)

Total Military Personnel 1,204,000 (est.) (0.5%)
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Active Personnel 654,000 (0.3%)

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Reserve Personnel 550,000 (0.2%)

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Paramilitary 500,000 (0.2%)

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Total Strength: 1,364

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Fighters: 357

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Dedicated Attack: 90

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Transports: 48

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Trainers: 510

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Special-Mission: 24

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Tanker Fleet: 4

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Helicopters: 331

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Attack Helicopters: 53

For an in-depth overview of current leading air powers of the world, including active inventories and strengths, consult the World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (
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Tanks: 2,680

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Armored Vehicles: 9,635

Small graph icon19/138

Self-Propelled Artillery: 429

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Towed Artillery: 1,690

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Rocket Projectors: 330

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Total Assets: 100

Small graph icon138/138

Aircraft Carriers: 0

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Helicopter Carriers: 0

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Destroyers: 0

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Frigates: 8

Small graph icon15/138

Corvettes: 2

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Submarines: 9

Small graph icon19/138

Patrol: 49

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Mine Warfare: 3

Small graph icon39/138

Oil Production: 90,000 bbl

Small graph icon27/138

Oil Consumption: 575,000 bbl

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Proven Oil Reserves: 332,200,000 bbl

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Labor Force: 61,710,000

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Merchant Marine Strength: 54

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Ports & Terminals: 2

Small graph icon20/138

Roadway Coverage: 260,760 km

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Railway Coverage: 7,791 km

Small graph icon33/138

Serviceable Airports: 151

Small graph icon24/138

Defense Budget: $12,275,000,000 usd

Small graph icon51/138

External Debt: $82,190,000,000 usd

Small graph icon60/138

Res. of Foreign Exchange/Gold: $18,460,000,000 usd

Small graph icon25/138

Purchasing Power Parity: $1,110,500,000,000 usd

Small graph icon35/138

Square Land Area: 796,095 km

Small graph icon63/138

Coastline Coverage: 1,046 km

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Shared Borders: 7,257 km

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Usable Waterways: 25,220 km

Pakistan Military Strength 2021 1

Air Superiority

Pakistan Military Strength 2021 2


Pakistan Military Strength 2021 3


Pakistan Military Strength 2021 4


Pakistan Military Strength 2021 5


Pakistan Military Strength 2021 6


Pakistan Military Strength 2021 7

Total Fixed Wing Combat Aircraft

Pakistan Military Strength 2021 8


Pakistan Military Strength 2021 9

Defensive Anti Aircraft Missile Strength

Rating takes into account training of anti aircraft crews, SAM systems available and their proven effectiveness in testing and combat, modernisations and modifications made to older systems, fortifications used to protect SAM systems and the range and concentration of anti aircraft capable SAMs relative to the size of the territory being defended.

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