Pakistan should exploit increasing corruption in Indian Army

Pakistan should exploit increasing corruption in Indian Army

Pakistan should exploit increasing corruption in Indian Army

While the entire world has been busy teaching Pakistan lessons in democracy, there is little appreciation of the fact that serious infractions plague its more glamorous neighbour India.

Islamabad: Daily Ausaf, October 07, 2012. While the entire world has been busy teaching Pakistan lessons in democracy, there is little appreciation of the fact that serious infractions plague its more glamorous neighbour India, wrote security analyst Tariq Ismael Sagar. Large number of Indians have taken up arms against their own government. Two hundred and thirty two out of the 608 districts in India are affected by political violence. More and more Indian are disillusioned by their state, he said.

The Indian Army too has been hit by more than one crisis. Reputable human rights groups have reported that 154 Indian Army personnel committed suicide in 2008. The force has repeatedly committed crimes against women in many parts of the country. More than one-third of its work force in Kashmir is said to be infected with HIV. Tariq Ismael Sagar said that the situation has become so desperate for the army that it has begun approaching sex workers, and a large number of eunuchs are employed in Indian occupied Kashmir. Incidents of rape in Indo-Bangladesh and Indo-Nepal border have also increased. According to the report, the Indian government has installed one thousand condom vending machines in its border areas to reduce HIV infections. Major Gen. A.K.Lal was dismissed for sexually harassing a woman journalist. Captain Punam Singh accused three senior officials of sexual harassment in 2009. Tariq Ismael further revealed that recently, the Indian Air Force chief suspended his subordinate, Gen. Nanda, for abusing his secretary. Similar allegations have also been leveled against CBI and RAW officials.

The Indian Army has also been crippled by multiple cases of corruption. A land-scam case in the Sukhna region of West Bengal is under trial against four generals – Lieutenant General Ravi D. Prakash, Lt. Gen. Ramesh Halgali, Lt. Gen. P.K. Rath and Maj. Gen. P. Sen. In another high profile case, Commodore Mukhjinder Singh among others have been accused of taking six percent commission (Rs 64 crore) in Aero-MSIS missile deal from Israel and the Gorshkov deal from Russia. India’s Central Beaureu of Investigation (CBI) has submitted cases against Maj Gen Anand Kapur in a five crore scam. Major Gen. Guru Eqbal Singh was arrested for allegedly selling liquor in contraband market. Brigadier Gurdeep Singh, in fact, sold an entire forest and then falsely burned the woodland to cover his tracks.

Due to these cases, China has refused to issue visas to Indian generals. In fact, the Canadian government has also refused to issue visa to retired Indian Gen. Amreek Bhai and BSF commander Fateh Singh for human rights abuse in Kashmir. Tariq Ismael concluded that Pakistan should take advantage of these weaknesses for its own benefits.

Interpol issues warrant against Pakistan army officers

International Police (Interpol) has issued Red Warrants against five Pakistanis, two of them serving officers of the army, for their alleged role in the Mumbai attack of 26/11. Major Sameer Ali and Major Eqbal hailing from Lahore are serving officers of the army, while Ilyas Kashmiri, Sajid Sajjad and Sayyed Abdurrahman Hashim are militants affiliated to Lashkar-e-Tayyibah.

Pakistan army trained Kashmir Mujahideen: Musharraf

Former President Pervez Musharraf acknowledged for the first time that Pakistan provided training to Kashmiri militants. Speaking to the German magazine Das Spiegel, he defended his actions by criticizing the western community for turning a blind eye towards India’s mistakes and instead blaming Pakistan for India-Pakistan crisis. To prove his point, he cited the example of India’s role in Pakistan’s dismemberment in 1971, during which the international community did nothing to stop India.

Pakistan carrying out drone attacks, not America: Hussein Haqqani

Islamabad: Daily Jasarat / Jang, October 07, 2010. Pakistan’s Ambassador to US, Hussein Haqqani, revealed that Pakistan carried out recent drone attacks in north Waziristan against terrorists planning attacks in Europe, and not the United States, as widely believed. He said that Abdul Jabbar, a British citizen, who was leading a small al-Qaeda group named the Islamic Army of Great Britain, was killed in one of the drone strikes.

Jamaat-i-Islami demands permanent halt to NATO convoys

Karachi: Daily Ummah / Jasarat, October 08, 2010. Jamaat-i-Islami chief Munawar Hassan has demanded that Pakistan government permanently stop the movement of NATO convoys through Pakistan since the United States is intentionally destabilising Pakistan in order to take charge of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Speaking during an Eid meeting, he also said that America has lost the war in Afghanistan and that only a formal announcement of Afghan victory was awaited.

We condemned India’s cruelty towards unarmed Kashmiris: Iran

Tehran: Daily Ausaf, October 05, 2010. Iran government has widely condemned human rights abuse of unarmed Kashmiri people in the past few months, in which more than 100 civilian protestors were shot dead. Ramen Mehman Parast, the spokesperson of Iran’s foreign ministry, said that India should exercise restraint. In response, Indian spokesperson Vishnu Prakash said that Iran was angered after an Iranian news channel, Press TV, was banned after a false news carried by it instigated violent protest in Kashmir. India should understand that Iran supports Pakistan over the issue of Kashmir.

How corrupt is the indian army?

Azad Kashmir Assembly passes a resolution against ‘Indo-US Kafirs’

Muzaffarabad: Daily Ummah / Jasarat, October 07, 2010. The Pakistan administered Kashmir, or Azad Kashmir, legislative assembly unanimously passed a resolution proposed by Waqf Minister Hamid Raza against ‘Indo-US Kafirs’ through international law to seek justice against crimes committed against Islam. According to the resolution, Europeans publishing sketches of prophetic photographs, American Popes openly threatening to burn Qura’an on September 11, American judiciary sentencing Afia Siddiqui for 86 years just to provoke Muslims; and recently, Indian Hindus encroaching into the Babari Mosque in Ayodhya with corrupt judicial support, are all inexcusable crimes against Islamic tenets.


Islamabad: Daily Ummah / Jasarat, October 08, 2010. Five hundred protestors from 17 countries, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India, will visit Gaza to support Palestine against Israel. Volunteers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Oman, Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt will assemble in a caravan under the banner of Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine which will move from Delhi on December 2, 2010. The convener of the Gaza Caravan, Feroze Meethi Borwala, said that the Caravan will move from Wagha to Gaza via Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Iran, Turkey, Syria and Beirut. The Caravan will return to Turkey and will sail to Gaza and attempt to break the Israeli siege.

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