People with rubmaps accounts

People with rubmaps accounts 1

Rubmaps is cool and you can get it for free, I keep telling people. If you add a spa (ANY SPA AND A PHOTO THE SPA) you get 30 free days. If you see a spa on rubmaps with no photo, as long as it has an address, go to the spa, take the photo and send it to RM, you get 30 free days. I never pay for Rubmaps-never – and you do get good intel there. They always post rates-one thing – NEVER EVER send a photo of the spa’s that do not want their exact location known-you know what I mean-that is treason-and you will get banned from the spa, as you should be-do the right thing and its a breeze-You can PM me if you have trouble and i’ll guide you along-enjoy

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