Philippines Expats Forum

Philippines Expats Forum

    1. Coronavirus. Your say and Questions

      This forum is to discuss the Coronavirus only. All Coronavirus topics to be placed here including lockdown, passes, visa issues and anything which is related to the current Coronavirus situation.

    2. Emergency Requests

      Know someone who needs assistance?
      Please read new posts here,you may save a life.

    3. Charities

      Do you wish to donate to a worthwhile Charity? You can make a difference to someone’s life here.

    4. Weather Updates

      Typhoon warnings

    5. Philippines Expat Forum Social Club

      Information about our Social Club Gatherings

    6. Who Wants To Meet

      If you are looking to meet up with others post a topic here, don’t forget to add photos if you get together with other forum members.

    7. Life as an Expat

      Thinking of a new life in paradise? Perhaps you are thinking of living in Cebu? Ask other expats what they think of living in the Philippines.

    8. Living Costs

      The cost of living varies in different areas. Some places are cheaper than others.Is it cheaper to be living in Cebu?
      How are others living in the Philippines? What are the differences and why?

    9. Travel and Visa Information. BI questions and Passport Topics

      Do you need a visa or a travel permit to stay in the Philippines? Bureau of Immigration problems? Find your answers here.

    10. Where to Stay

      What type of accommodation is available in the Philippines?

    11. Transport to from and in the Philippines

      Where do you want to go and how do you want to get there? Flights, ferries, car rental, bus, taxi etc

    12. Places to Eat

      Where are the best places to dine.Tell us your Philippines experience.

    13. Drinking Bars

      Where to find a bar for drinking and relaxation. The Philippines offers it all!

    14. Disability’s- Expats Living in the Philippines with Disability’s

      Disability’s, living or visiting the Philippines with a disability?

    15. Language and Local Dialects

      Do you need to know a few phrases before you get here? English and Filipino (based on the Tagalog dialect) are the two main languages spoken. What does Salamat mean?

    16. Culture

      How does the culture difference of the Filipino people affect you?

    17. Building, Renting or Buying Real Estate

      What are the laws and regulations on buying or leasing real estate in the Philippines? What can foreigners really own?

    18. Schools and Colleges in the Philippines

      What are the best education facilities for your children?

    19. Health and Hospitals

      Where do you go if don’t feel well? What health insurance do you need? Who are the best health professionals to see in the Philippines? Which hospitals have the best facilities?

    20. Shipping Goods

      How do you get your belongings to the Philippines? How much will it cost and how long will it take? What about custom’s regulations?

    21. Where do I find ?

      Looking for something in particular but can’t find it? Ask expats living in the Philippines.

    22. Driving and the Philippines

      What driver’s licence do you need? How do you find out about vehicle registration’s, insurances, or repairs?

    23. Employment-Working as an Expat

      Employment questions and answers for expats thinking of working in the Philippines

    24. Contractors and Tradesmen

      List contractors or tradesmen that you recommend or have had problems with.

    25. Often Needed Links Library

      A list of often used or needed links.

    26. Immigration for Filipino Spouse

      Information and questions about immigrating your spouse to your home country

    27. Social Security

      Social security issues

    28. Military And Veterans

      Information for Veteran affairs,Retired military general information,Pensions

    29. Emergency Expat Assistance

      The Foreign Assistance Center may be able to help when an expats lands in trouble wit the law. Details in this forum.

    30. Safety and Security

      Just how safe are the Philippines? Are there places foreigners shouldn’t go?

    31. Laws and Regulations for Foreigners

      What are your rights and responsibilities as a foreigner? Are the laws of this country different to your own? How do you stay out of trouble?

    32. Crime and the Expat- News

      This forum is for information regarding major crimes that happen to Expats and tourist in the Philippines.Please note,some members do not like reading the negative posts of life or death for expats so DO NOT READ IF THIS IS YOU.

    33. Scams to be aware of in the Philippines

      Scammers are always active whether online or in the Philippines. This forum is to make everyone aware of what scams could affect you.

    34. Banking in the Philippines

      How do you set up bank accounts and transfer money?

    35. Sending or Exchanging Money

      What is the best way to send money to the Philippines? Where can I get the best exchange rate?

    36. The Filipina

      What cultural differences and issues can you expect? How do you build good relationships with Filipina women? Age difference problems.

    37. Internet Dating

      How safe is internet dating? Can you meet your dream partner online? The good, the bad, and the ugly!

    38. Getting Married-Annulment-Divorce

      What you need to know to get married in the Philippines? Are there any social customs or legal requirements you need to know? What about when the relationship ends?

    39. Cell Phones/Mobile Phones/Internet Service

      What type of phone do you need? Which service providers are the best? What is load?

    40. Computers and Electronics

      Which is the best for cheap phone calls from your computer? Voip, Magic jack?

    41. What Does This Mean?

      Need to know what was said?Ask for translations here.

    42. From the News Desk-Philippines news only

      Want to discuss the latest news from the paper or TV?
      Please post reported crimes against Expats in the Security and Laws for Foreigners forum.

    43. Join a Club

      Looking for a Philippines Expat club to join? Where do expats meet?

    44. Where have you been?

      Have you been somewhere in the Philippines that we should know about?

    45. Member Recipes

      Recipes members like to share

    46. Gardening In The Philippines

      What can you grow in your area of the Philippines? Members tips and tricks on gardening in the Philippines.

    47. Sports and Hobbies

      Wanting to play bowls or a round of golf? Where are the best diving spots?

    48. Recommend a Philippines Hotel, Resort or Restaurant

      Got something to cheer about? Which hotel is the best? Where can I eat good restaurant food?

    49. A Funny Thing Happened

      Has anything funny or strange happened to you while in the Philippines? Problems with the wak wak?

    50. Philippines Related Off Topics

      Haven’t found a forum to suit your topic? Note: This forum should be used for Philippines topics.

    51. Classified ads

      Do you want to sell something? You can advertise here but you will need to pay a small fee which helps with the running cost of the forum.

    52. Housing and Land

      This forum is for advertising members private housing sales and rentals located in the Philippines.

    53. Motor Vehicles

      Advertise your Cars, bikes, boats, trucks.

    54. Philippines Videos

      Seen an interesting video,share it with us here. Only Philippines related videos allowed. No Pornographic videos allowed

    55. YouTube Anywhere

      This forum is for videos about any subject at all. No Pornographic videos allowed

    56. China

      Living in China and Taiwan information

    57. Thailand

      Pros and cons of Thailand

    58. Japan

      Information about living or visiting Japan

    59. Southeast Asia

      This forum covers all southeast Asia countries not listed in the above forums

    60. The World Events Forum

      Want to have your say on what is happening anywhere outside of the Philippines?
      This forum has been created to allow our members to have their say on anything that is not related to the Philippines. You may discuss most topics but no Political or religion topics allowed. Please read the rules of this forum.

    61. Cebu Condo Services   (3,317 visits to this link)

      A site for those needing property management in Cebu city. Specialising in airbnb rentals.

    62. Philippine Basic Needs Program   (12,929 visits to this link)

      A not for profit charity run by member Bruce Wheatley

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