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Brixton is one of the major districts in Greater London and is located in the borough of Lambeth. The district only began to develop in the 19th century, but was soon home to many Victorian houses, built for the middle classes. These large homes have now been replaced by flats and more modest abodes, now predominantly occupied by the working class. Despite the changes in the property market, the area is still popular amongst Londoners. The area won The Great Neighbourhood Award in 2013, which was awarded by The Academy of Urbanism.

The south London district has a vibrant and bustling community with a diverse population. It’s this population that gives the area its character and has given way to a whole range of unique shops and market stalls. Perhaps most famous for its huge market, the district draws many to the area on a weekly basis. Once a major shopping spot in 1925, the area continues to be popular and has benefited from numerous projects, including a £10m investment in the development of Windrush Square over recent years.

Information about the local residents

According to census data in 2011, the population was assessed to be around 70,000. Data also revealed an ethnically diverse population with 25% of residents being of African and Caribbean descent.

Geodemographic data put together after the 2011 UK census revealed that the area is home to many different communities. While central Brixton is largely made up of high density and high rise flats and a more disadvantaged population, the population has started to diversify over recent years. Many urban elites have started to move to the area, perhaps due to its development and the awards it has received over the last few years.

Nearby schools

Home to many families, residents here will find plenty of choice when it comes to pre-school facilities, primary schools and secondary schools. Some of the popular primary schools in the area include Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, Sudbourne Primary School, and Stockwell Primary School. These are also three of the best performing schools in the area.

The secondary school, Evelyn Grace Academy, was established a few years ago in 2008 and is an academy school. Funded by the charity Ark, it’s just one of the schools built to help children in more disadvantaged communities. The latest Ofsted report, which took place in 2014, proves just how well the school is doing, outlining a number of its achievements. Overall, the school was given a grading of ‘good’ – an improvement from their inspection two years earlier.

Getting around

With its great connections to the rest of London, getting around Brixton and to the other city hotspots is easy. The district has its own tube station, offering access to the Victoria Line. Alternatively, residents can travel by bus across the city – and there are over 20 local bus services providing regular transportation.

If you’re planning to travel further afield, the airports are within easy reach too. Which residents can either drive to, or catch the Heathrow, Gatwick, or Stansted Express train from central London.

Local shops

If you’re looking for a shopping spot that’s full of character, Brixton is the place to be. The popular Brixton Market is a tourist attraction in itself and boasts a whole range of cultural offerings. You’ll find everything from Afro-Caribbean products to Vietnamese gems here, or for British classics, why not head to the weekly Farmers’ Market?

Residents will also have access to a number of supermarket chains too, including Sainsbury’s and Iceland, as well as popular high street stores, such as Boots and Marks & Spencer. The high street stores are sat amongst independent shops, pubs, restaurants, delis, and cafes, offering up everything from tasty pizzas to Caribbean feasts.

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