Rank Math Review – No.1 Free SEO Plugin For WordPress

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Rank Math Review – No.1 Free SEO Plugin For WordPress

Rank Math SEO Plugin Is An Amazing Plugin, After The Release This Plugin Become The Hottest Plugin In The Market.

This Plugin Is Launched On MyThemeShop, Where You Find An Amazing Plugin And Wonderfull Themes For Bloggers.

I Am Using This Plugin From Since One Month, So I Decided To Write The Review.

Want Article About MyThemeShop Review?

Sound Amazing, If You Want An Article About It So Feel Free To Comment Down Below.

If You Want To Setup The Rank Math SEO Plugin,

Follow This Steps To Install Rank Math On Your Blog

Install Rank Math SEO Plugin

You Can Easily Install Rank Math SEO Plugin By Going On RankMath Website,

You Can Also Install This Plugin By Searching On Plugin Option In WordPress.

Why Should I Install It?

Because The Plugin Helps You In Ranking Your Blog, This Plugin Is The Best Alternative Of Yoast SEO Because They  Provide Yoast SEO Premium Features In Free Version. The Helps Support Of This Plugin Is Amazing,

If You Get Any Problem Regarding This Plugin So They Support Team Helps You In 1 Hour.

After Installing, You Can Active This Plugin Easily.

Setup Of Rank Math SEO

To Setup The Rank SEO Plugin Follow This Steps,

After Installing The Plugin Go To Setup Wizard Option In Settings,

1.Import & Export Setting

If You Using Yoast SEO Plugin, You Can Easily Import Your SEO Setting In Rank Math By Using This Step –

Using This Method You Can Easily Import Your Yoast SEO Setting On Rank Math.

You Have To Select The Option You Want But Referred You To Choose All Option Because It Helps You A Lot.

You Can See Your All Setting Is Import To Rank Math By This Option In Setup.

2.Your Site

This Option Is Very Important Because Of This Your Site Information Setting.

In the First Option, You Can Select The What Type Of Website Or Blog You Have,

If You Have Personal Blog you Can Simply The Select The Option.

You Can Upload Your Logo On Google And,

Using This Option You Can Fetch Your Blog Logo Easily.

I Preferred You To Not Upload Image On Default Social Images Options Because They Don’t Help You To Get The Traffic From Social Media But,

If You Use This Options And You Try To Share Your Article On Social Media So Automatically Change Your Thumbnail Image To The Image You Uploaded In Default Social Share Image.

3. Search Console

In Google Search Console Option,

You Can Authorize Your Account Of Google Webmaster In Your Blog And You Can Choose Profile Of Your Blog In This Option.

How To Verify Your Blog On Google Search Console 


This Is Also An Important Option Where You Can Enable Your Sitemaps Options And Sitemaps Is Also A Ranking Factor Because They Keep Updated Google Of Your Website.

I Recommended You To Enable All Setting Like Because It Helps Me So I Think This Also Can Help You.

How To Setup Sitemap On Rank Math?


If You Completed All The Settings So This Option Helps You A Lot Because If You Want To Increase Ranking This Option Will Help You To Optimize Your Blog And Give Idea o Google That Your Blog Is Genuine And Easy To Understand.

You Can Copy the Same Setting As Mine,

I Recommended You This Setting Because They Increase My Search Result On Google.

After This You Blog Is Ready For Being Live.

After Clicking On Next Button You Got This  And By Getting This Means You Completed The Setup And Your Site Is Now Ready.

Features & Setting of Rank Math Plugin

The Features Of This Plugin Helps You Because In This Plugin You Have Many Setting Which Are Not Available In Other Plugin.

1. AMP

AMP is Optimize Your Blog And Your Website Become Mobile Friendly So It Easier To Rank In Google.

In Any Other Plugin You Got AMP In Premium Version But They Provided In Free Version And This feature Helps You To Rank.

Why AMP Increase Ranking?

2. 404 Monitor

404 Url Monitor Helps You To Check An 404 Error On Your Website And They Increase The User Experience.

You Can See Here After Activate This Option You Can See The 404 Hits Of My Blog And 404 Error Also Decrease Your Ranking,

So I Must Recommend You To Use This Option.

3. Link Counter

Link Counter Provide The Data Of Total Internal And External Links Of Your Site By This You Can Easily See You External Link.

They Help A Lot For Increasing Ranking.


Because If You Internal Link Broken So When Crawler Come Your Website And Analysis Your Content So They Got Error By This Broken Link.

4. Edit .htaccess & robot.txt

You Can Easily Edit The .htaccess From Here And You Save Time By Going To Cpanel And Edit This Coding.

You Can Easily Edit .robots.txt From Here And  It Doesn’t Help Too Much.

5. Redirection

You Can Easily Redirect Your Old Deleted Post By Using This Option, It Helps You A Lot.

In Redirection Type Option You Have Some Features Like –

  • 301 Permanent Move – It Permanently Redirects The Url To Another Url.
  • 302 And 307 Redirection – They Both Have Same Setting They Temporary Redirect Your Url To One To Another.

You Can Off Debug Redirection Because They Don’t Help You Too Much.

6. SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis Help And Analysis Your Website Give You Result Lik This –

Here You Can See The SEO Score Of My Site And Its Good But You Will Do Better Than Me.

7. Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet Helps You To Increase Your Ranking Because Snippet Attract People By Showing Stars And All And It Very Helps o Increase The CTR Of Your Website.

Here You Can See The How Rich Snippets Look Like.

Rich Snippet Attract Most Of Time Because They Show Reviewer Name, Rating, Price Etc.

See How Rich Snippet Helps In SEO To Boost Ranking

8. Local SEO

Local SEO Helps o Grow Your Bussiness Like If Anyone Searching “Best SEO Agency In Varanasi” They Show Many Results,

So Using This You Can Rank On Local Keywords.

9. Search Console

In Search Console Option You Can Connect Your Plugin With Search Console And It Helps You To See Your Targeted Keywords,

Like – Which Keywords Of Yours Ranked And You Got Traffic.

10. Image Optimization

Using This Option You Can Optimize The Image Of Your Website And You Already Know That Image Is An Important Ranking Factor Because You Can Also Get Traffic From Images.

How to Optimize Your Image And Increase Your Speed?

If You Need An Article About It So I Will Defienlty Ready To Make An article For My Readers.

After Writing A Long Article On Blog. Not Getting Traffic?

If Yes, Then This Optimizing Technique Helps You To Rank Your Article On a Particular Keyword.

Optimizing Is Not Very Tough But If You Do It On Right Way,

So I Am Share Techniques That How You Can Optimize Your Post Using Rank Math Plugin.

After Writing Big Blog Post  Let Optimize Using Rank Math,

At The End Of The Post, You See General Setting Where You Can Change Title, Description And Keywords.

At Focus Keyword You Must Add A Keyword Which You Want To Rank And Here You Can See The Focus Keywords 82 Good Out Of 100,

So This Is Good Signal Because If  Your SEO Score Is Around 80-100 Then Your Article Have Higher Chance to Rank On This Keyword.

So, I Think You Understand That How Use General Setting Let Move’s On Advanced Setting.

In This Setting, You Got Option Like Redirect You Url To Another Url But I Recommended You Not To Change Anything Is Advanced Setting Because,

If You Do Anything Change In Setting So Maybe They Decrease  Your Ranking.

Let Move’ On Rich Snippet Settings

Here You Can Choose That What Type Your Post Is,

Here You Can Choose Three Option –

  • Article – Means That Your Post Is Around 300-1000  Words And This Type Of Post Not Ranked Easily.
  • Blog Post – Means That Your Post Is Around 1200-10000 Words And This Type Of Post Are Easy To Rank.
  • New Article – Means That You Have Post Is Around 100-500 Words And It Immediately Rank On Google.

You Can Choose From Three Option After That,

Give Title And Description That’s It!

After This Let Moves To Social Option –

Here You Can See,

Using This Option You Can Share Post In Facebook And Twitter By Changing The Title And Description.

ProTip – Change The Title And Description And Add Some Attracted Picture So You Can Get Shares From Twitter And Facebook.

You Can Make SEO Score 100% By Adding This Thing In Your Post –

  1. Internal Linking
  2. External Linking
  3. Your Post Have Minimum 600 Words
  4. Adding Focus Keywords In Sub Heading
  5. Make Your Keyword Density At least 2.
  6. Focus Keyword Must Used In Url.
  7. Add Keyword In Description.
  8. Don’t Add Negative Or Irrelevant Title.
  9. Don’t Add Numbers In SEO Title.
  10. Use Focus Keywords On Image As Alt.
  11. Use Title Which Not Contain Power Words.
  12. Focus Keywords Appear In 10% Of Content.
  13. Your Flesch  Readability Score Must Above 70 %
  14. Use Short Paragraph.
Free SEO Plugin For WordPress
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