Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth

Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth

Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth

The trick to using rosemary essential oil to grow your hair

Do you want to grow your hair like never before? We present you the secret: rosemary essential oil.

Maybe you had not heard about the benefits of rosemary. In addition to giving an unmatched flavor to your food, it could be your best ally to have healthy, abundant and long hair.

Why rosemary essential oil for hair growth?

Some of its benefits are:

– It has anti-inflammatory properties

-It is growth stimulant

-Promotes the growth of new nerves

-Promotes circulation

The logic behind this is that rosemary essential oil improves circulation in your head, especially if applied topically. As a result, the follicles can be stimulated to make the hair grow faster or just get stronger, causing your hair to fall out less.

Rosemary is also recommended to prevent the premature appearance of gray hair and eliminate dandruff.

How to use rosemary oil for hair growth?

Very simple, simply mix 1 drop of essential oil for every 100 ml of shampoo in the bottle. Then wash and rinse as usual.

You can also massage it directly. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend mixing it with a base oil, such as jojoba and coconut. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing.

Be careful with the eyes! Rosemary oil can be very irritating.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth
Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth

Rosemary essential oil is most commonly used to combat dry skin, nourish the scalp an promote glossy, healthy hair. It is also often claimed to even promote hair growth. Its aroma is energising, stimulating, and helps focus the mind, and is often used to manage everyday stress and overcome mental exhaustion.

Diluted and used topically, Rosemary Essential Oil is known to stimulate hair growth, reduce pain, soothe inflammation, eliminate headaches, strengthen the immune system, and condition hair to make it look and feel healthy.

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How to make Rosemary Essential Oil?

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