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TRT Credentials Thread

This was an idea presented by @Chris_Colucci Here is an opportunity to provide some form of credibility to others. You can answer as many of these questions as you’d like. Copy and paste these into your own comment wh…

29Views’>7716May 21, 2020About the T Replacement Category5Views’>87294March 9, 2018Changing Protocol a 3rd Time3Views’>37June 3, 2020Need Opinions on Whether to Start TRT (Labs)8Views’>82June 3, 202034 Year Old w/ Low T for a while. Need Advice on TRT77Views’>3274June 3, 2020Clarifying Question2Views’>59June 2, 2020Weight Gain on TRT1Views’>30June 2, 2020On TRT 1 Yr, Stopped for 2 Months. Current T Levels are Higher Than Pre-TRT9Views’>117June 2, 2020Barely Half The FT Experts Say Is Sweet Spot19Views’>489June 2, 2020Pharma Grade Testosterone Cypionate and Arimidex Expiration Dates1Views’>30June 2, 2020New to TRT, Unique Case to Say the Least506Views’>8635June 2, 2020Lab Results and Second Opinion15Views’>408June 2, 2020Can Blood Tests Be Wrong? Test Came Back 3539 ng/dl and Free 909 pg/ml32Views’>734June 2, 2020Anyone Use Progesterone Directly With TRT? Maybe For Libido?19Views’>172June 2, 2020Bmbrady77 Lab Results417Views’>6286June 2, 2020How Long After Starting TRT Does Natural Production Shut Down?7Views’>179June 1, 2020Clomiphene: High Testosterone, Low Libido49Views’>5064June 2, 20206-Week Test Results, High Estradiol59Views’>1515June 1, 2020Ncsugrad’s TRT Log / Diary513Views’>19335June 1, 2020Newbie Question Spree: HCG/AI, Ball Size, Sterility18Views’>561June 1, 2020PFS Case, What Else Can I Check/Try?14Views’>319June 1, 202018 Y/O Family Member with Very Low T7Views’>179June 1, 20207 Months Bloodwork Advice? How to Restore Confidence?52Views’>823June 1, 2020High FSH. High SHBG? Low Free T?14Views’>358June 1, 2020Bloodwork After 10 Weeks of Daily Injections – 200mg/Week20Views’>911June 1, 2020Preventing Long-Term Testicular Atrophy?24Views’>411June 1, 2020Any Success with Gels or Creams?41Views’>1940June 1, 20204 Months TRT, Symptoms Started 2 Weeks Ago26Views’>539May 31, 2020PitchBlackProgress TRT journal20Views’>734May 31, 2020Clomid Restart with Labs5Views’>113May 30, 2020

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