The 10 Best Online Math Tutors

The 10 Best Online Math Tutors 1

The 10 Best Online Math Tutors 2
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With the growing rate of students involved in extracurriculars and after-school activities, online math tutors allow students to receive the help they need without overbooking themselves, and saving their parents from playing chauffeur to yet another after-school activity. How to find the one that’s right for you, and your budget? We’ve rounded up the best online tutors for both immediate and long-term math tutoring needs.

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1. Khan Academy, Free

Unlike any other service out there, Khan Academy was created with the mission of providing free education to children all over the world. Free programs sometimes come with watered-down content, but Khan Academy is one of those rare exceptions. The only downside is the lack of face-to-face time with an individual, but the quality of video instruction is superb. Khan Academy has a plethora of videos available for all ages and subjects to help meet the student’s needs, whether it’s remediation or enrichment. Instructional videos, tutorials, and practice pages are available to provide an effective learning environment for all students.

2. Web Wise Tutors, $52 per hour

Fully accredited teachers are available to teach all ages in all subjects, making this one of the best online tutoring programs out there. Their virtual classroom is loaded with tools, such as a whiteboard and video instruction to help teach their standard specific curriculum for K-12, college, international, and special education studies. One perk that Web Wise Tutors has that seems to be lacking in other programs is a curriculum specifically for gifted children, making their tutoring services available for both remediation and enrichment.

3. Skooli, $49 per hour

With a strict requirement that all tutors be certified or have advanced degrees, Skooli is one of the better sites for qualified tutors. Unfortunately, unlike other sites where multiple tutors are available to assist you, Skooli has a limited number of teachers making finding immediate assistance a challenge. This site is great for individuals seeking short-term help, as they have a pay-as-you-go system and hourly packages. You can purchase the package best suited for your needs. Among the perks of Skooli unseen at most other companies is their full mobile app, allowing you to receive help from anywhere.

4. Chegg Tutors, $15 for 30 minutes per week

Chegg Tutors offers a free trial and the ability to scroll through tutor profiles to find the instructor that best aligns with your needs. Chegg has more tutors available than the other sites we viewed, making it much easier to find a tutor to work with immediately. Their pay-as-you-go system is great for those who need help with an individual problem. Chegg’s services are available 24 hours a day, offering some of the best scheduling available with online tutors.

5. Club Z, $55 per hour (plus $25 registration fee)

While Club Z is known for their after-school tutoring centers, their online tutoring program is available for pre-K through undergraduate. They have special education-trained teachers available to work with students with disabilities. Club Z’s virtual classroom is easy to use and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the added perk of video playback — meaning, you can view your session after class is done for continued support. Unlike most sites, Club Z does not have the ability to offer immediate help. All tutoring sessions must be booked in advance.

6. Yup, $75 – $140 per month for unlimited use

Specifically geared toward instant homework assistance for middle and high school students struggling with math, chemistry, or physics, students can request and receive help within minutes. Yup’s program is designed to work on mobile devices, making this site the best for students at any time and place. Once logged in, Yup will automatically assign a tutor. While the tutors can not be selected, Yup is very quick to respond to any issues with an unsatisfactory experience. Once your session begins, the student uploads a picture of their math problem and is able to work with an individual to receive help. Care readers can use the code “YZZCMB” for discounted pricing. Another similar program is Mathelf, available specifically for math help on iPad.

7. Mind Launch, $99 for a 50-minute lesson

With only accredited teachers on staff, the tutoring services at Mind Launch are guaranteed to meet your long-term tutoring needs. This is also a great resource for individuals looking for tutoring assistance across multiple subjects. While most sites have a high turnover rate, bringing in new students who need help right before finals, Mind Launch creates a learning environment more specifically geared for long-term learning goals. While Mind Launch is known for its work with assistance on college entrance prep, their services extend to all subjects.

8. Tutor Me, $69 for one 2-hour lesson per month

Tutor Me is a great resource for older students looking for immediate peer services. When registration is complete, the student will be immediately assigned a tutor, which may be either a fellow college student or a professional educator. After the session, both tutor and student are asked to rate the session, giving other members the ability to find a tutor that best fits their needs. Unlike many sites, such as Chegg, Tutor Me does not allow the student to select a tutor. Tutors are automatically assigned, however both the teacher and student may decline the assignment based on reviews. The live chat and message boards on Tutor Me make this an easy-to-use site to collaborate with tutors 24/7. Tutor Me provides constant supervision of all services and does not allow for in-person meetups, creating a safe online learning environment for students and faculty.

9. e-Tutor, $149 per month

Unlike most tutoring services, e-Tutor offers two types of services: one for independent learning geared toward homeschool students and one for remediation with tutor-guided learning. Services are offered through text chat, message board, and voice chat, but no video features are available. What their technology lacks in comparison to its competition, e-Tutor excels with its customer service and variety of packages so students can have their needs met without paying for unnecessary services or unused minutes.

10. eTutorWorld, $20 for a 50-minute session

If money is a concern, eTutorWorld offers some of the least expensive packages out there. Be careful to read the fine print when hiring, though, because the lower packages can only be used for specific services. The case is true with eTutorWorld that you get what you pay for as they do not have some of the competitive advantages seen in sites like Chegg or Web Wise Tutors. Their teachers go through a rigorous hiring process but are not required to hold a higher degree. If your child is an auditory learner, they will love that eTutorWorld offers tutoring services via voice and live chat, but be aware that video chat is unavailable. The sessions are recorded for students and parents to playback as needed and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.


Need more math tutoring help? Look for qualified math tutors near you — and if you post a job on, you can request tutors that support online communication options such as Skype.

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