The 6 Best Key Finders of 2020

The 6 Best Key Finders of 2020 1

Flashlight – In addition to an audible alert, some key finders include a blinking light. Some also allow you to use the light as a flashlight, which can be handy whenever you have to unlock your car or house in the dark.

Digital leash – When a key finder with this feature gets too far from your phone, it automatically sounds an alert. This can come in handy if your keys ever fall out of your pocket, or you set them down and accidentally forget to pick them back up.

Bluetooth vs. RF – Key finders that use radio frequency (RF) technology are typically cheaper and come with more key fobs. Bluetooth key finders can offer more functionality, though. Some allow you to use the key fob in reverse to find your phone, and you may even be able to use a network of other users to find your keys if you lost them somewhere outside the range of your phone’s Bluetooth.

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