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Jim Parsons won four Emmys and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of neurotic genius Sheldon Cooper.

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Watch Pilot. Episode 1 of Season 1.

1. Pilot


When a pretty girl named Penny moves across the hall, socially awkward scientist Leonard is instantly smitten, much to roommate Sheldon’s dismay.

Watch The Big Bran Hypothesis. Episode 2 of Season 1.

2. The Big Bran Hypothesis


Leonard offers to receive a package on Penny’s behalf, but things go awry when Sheldon feels the need to clean her apartment.

Watch The Fuzzy Boots Corollary. Episode 3 of Season 1.

3. The Fuzzy Boots Corollary


Leonard is devastated when he sees Penny kissing another man, and he asks her out on a date under the guise of a group dinner with the guys.

Watch The Luminous Fish Effect. Episode 4 of Season 1.

4. The Luminous Fish Effect


Leonard calls in Sheldon’s mother when Sheldon becomes obsessed with weaving ponchos and illuminating fish after being fired from his job.

Watch The Hamburger Postulate. Episode 5 of Season 1.

5. The Hamburger Postulate


After agreeing to a sexual encounter with Leslie, Leonard becomes upset when he learns she was only interested in him as a one-night stand.

Watch The Middle Earth Paradigm. Episode 6 of Season 1.

6. The Middle Earth Paradigm


The guys go well outside their comfort zone when they accept an invitation to Penny’s Halloween party, where Leonard has a run-in with Penny’s ex.

Watch The Dumpling Paradox. Episode 7 of Season 1.

7. The Dumpling Paradox


When Penny’s friend hooks up with Howard in her apartment, Penny has to crash with the guys … and becomes the fourth member of their Halo team.

Watch The Grasshopper Experiment. Episode 8 of Season 1.

8. The Grasshopper Experiment


After being set up on a date, shy Raj realizes he’s able to talk to women if he’s drinking. But he gets too wasted and his date leaves with Sheldon.

Watch The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization. Episode 9 of Season 1.

9. The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization


Leonard and Sheldon are invited to an academic conference to present research they conducted together, but Sheldon doesn’t want to participate.

Watch The Loobenfeld Decay. Episode 10 of Season 1.

10. The Loobenfeld Decay


Leonard and Sheldon lie to avoid seeing Penny’s bad singing, but Sheldon takes the ruse to unnecessary extremes by inventing a drug-addicted cousin.

Watch The Pancake Batter Anomaly. Episode 11 of Season 1.

11. The Pancake Batter Anomaly


When germophobe Sheldon gets sick, the guys take off and leave Penny with the task of taking care of the demanding, obnoxious patient.

Watch The Jerusalem Duality. Episode 12 of Season 1.

12. The Jerusalem Duality


A 15-year-old prodigy pushes Sheldon out of physics research, so he tries to win the Nobel Prize by proposing a replica of Jerusalem in Mexico.

Watch The Bat Jar Conjecture. Episode 13 of Season 1.

13. The Bat Jar Conjecture


Sheldon’s selfish showboating on the guys’ physics bowl team gets him kicked off and replaced by Leslie, leaving him to form his own ragtag team.

Watch The Nerdvana Annihilation. Episode 14 of Season 1.

14. The Nerdvana Annihilation


Penny gets mad at the guys when they buy a full-scale model of a time machine, leading Leonard to get rid of all of his collectibles.

Watch The Pork Chop Indeterminacy. Episode 15 of Season 1.

15. The Pork Chop Indeterminacy


Leonard, Howard and Raj all become interested in Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy, but Sheldon deems all three of them unsuitable to date her.

Watch The Peanut Reaction. Episode 16 of Season 1.

16. The Peanut Reaction


Penny plans a surprise birthday party for Leonard, but things go wrong when Sheldon forgets to buy a present and Howard has a bad reaction to peanuts.

Watch The Tangerine Factor. Episode 17 of Season 1.

17. The Tangerine Factor


After Penny has a bad breakup with her boyfriend, she agrees to go on a date with Leonard and both seek advice from Sheldon.

Watch The Bad Fish Paradigm. Episode 1 of Season 2.

1. The Bad Fish Paradigm


When Penny divulges a secret to Sheldon, he fears he won’t be able to keep it from Leonard and decides to move out.

Watch The Codpiece Topology. Episode 2 of Season 2.

2. The Codpiece Topology


Leonard is caught in the middle when he resumes a relationship with Leslie Winkle, a fellow physicist who’s Sheldon’s archenemy.

Watch The Barbarian Sublimation. Episode 3 of Season 2.

3. The Barbarian Sublimation


When Penny gets locked out of her apartment, Sheldon invites her in and introduces her to an online video game that quickly takes over her life.

Watch The Griffin Equivalency. Episode 4 of Season 2.

4. The Griffin Equivalency


When a magazine write-up goes to Raj’s head, he’s forced to apologize to Penny, who gets the brunt of his obnoxious behavior.

Watch The Euclid Alternative. Episode 5 of Season 2.

5. The Euclid Alternative


When Leonard’s new schedule makes it impossible for him to drive Sheldon to work, the gang holds an intervention to force Sheldon to get his license.

Watch The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem. Episode 6 of Season 2.

6. The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem


Sheldon becomes distressed when an admiring grad student forces his way into his life and declares herself his assistant.

Watch The Panty Piñata Polarization. Episode 7 of Season 2.

7. The Panty Piñata Polarization


Penny’s faux pas sets off an escalating feud with Sheldon that Leonard decides to end by calling in the ultimate weapon: Sheldon’s mother.

Watch The Lizard-Spock Expansion. Episode 8 of Season 2.

8. The Lizard-Spock Expansion


Howard loses a potential girlfriend to Leonard, and Sheldon expands the classic game of rock-paper-scissors to include Mr. Spock and a lizard.

Watch The White Asparagus Triangulation. Episode 9 of Season 2.

9. The White Asparagus Triangulation


Believing that Dr. Stephanie Barnett is Leonard’s ideal mate, Sheldon goes overboard to prove to her how great Leonard is.

Watch The Vartabedian Conundrum. Episode 10 of Season 2.

10. The Vartabedian Conundrum


Penny is the only one who seems to understand that Leonard’s new girlfriend has moved into his and Sheldon’s apartment.

Watch The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis. Episode 11 of Season 2.

11. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis


Sheldon becomes obsessed with finding the perfect Christmas gift for Penny, and Leonard is crushed when a cool fellow scientist starts dating Penny.

Watch The Killer Robot Instability. Episode 12 of Season 2.

12. The Killer Robot Instability


The guys plan to enter a robot fighting championship, but things take a disastrous turn when Sheldon learns that Barry Kripke has his own robot.

Watch The Friendship Algorithm. Episode 13 of Season 2.

13. The Friendship Algorithm


When he hears that rival scientist Barry Kripke has access to a new computer, Sheldon goes to great lengths to try to become his friend.

Watch The Financial Permeability. Episode 14 of Season 2.

14. The Financial Permeability


When they learn of Penny’s financial problems, Sheldon lends her money and Leonard attempts to get Penny’s ex-boyfriend to repay an old loan.

Watch The Maternal Capacitance. Episode 15 of Season 2.

15. The Maternal Capacitance


Leonard’s distress over a visit from his mother, a judgmental psychiatrist, only grows when his friends bond with her as he never has.

Watch The Cushion Saturation. Episode 16 of Season 2.

16. The Cushion Saturation


Howard strikes up a romance with Leonard’s ex-girlfriend Leslie Winkle, and Penny accidentally hits Sheldon’s spot on the couch with a paintball gun.

Watch The Terminator Decoupling. Episode 17 of Season 2.

17. The Terminator Decoupling


The guys geek out when they learn that they’re aboard the same San Francisco-bound train as Summer Glau of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

Watch The Work Song Nanocluster. Episode 18 of Season 2.

18. The Work Song Nanocluster


The guys pitch in to help make and sell Penny’s handmade floral barrettes, but they can’t keep up when the product proves successful.

Watch The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition. Episode 19 of Season 2.

19. The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition


The guys grow infatuated with a sexy new neighbor, who has no problem using them to get what she wants. But Penny sees right through her.

Watch The Hofstadter Isotope. Episode 20 of Season 2.

20. The Hofstadter Isotope


Comic book shop owner Stuart asks Penny out on a date, prompting a jealous Leonard to visit a bar with Howard and Raj in search of romance.

Watch The Vegas Renormalization. Episode 21 of Season 2.

21. The Vegas Renormalization


When Leslie breaks up with Howard, Raj and Leonard cheer him up with a trip to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Sheldon spends the night at Penny’s apartment.

Watch The Classified Materials Turbulence. Episode 22 of Season 2.

22. The Classified Materials Turbulence


Howard’s celebration for the debut of his International Space Station toilet is short-lived when he realizes that it will explode after ten flushes.

Watch The Monopolar Expedition. Episode 23 of Season 2.

23. The Monopolar Expedition


Sheldon gets a grant to spend three months at the North Pole and asks the guys to go with him, but Leonard hesitates at being away from Penny so long.

Watch The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation. Episode 1 of Season 3.

1. The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation


Back from the North Pole, the guys reveal that they doctored Sheldon’s experiment results as a prank, causing him to flee home to Galveston in anger.

Watch The Jiminy Conjecture. Episode 2 of Season 3.

2. The Jiminy Conjecture


When their first romantic evenings go awry, Penny and Leonard agree to return to just being friends, even though it’s not what either one wants.

Watch The Gothowitz Deviation. Episode 3 of Season 3.

3. The Gothowitz Deviation


Sheldon deals with Penny’s frequent visits to Leonard’s room by conditioning her with chocolate; Raj and Howard enjoy a goth-themed night out.

Watch The Pirate Solution. Episode 4 of Season 3.

4. The Pirate Solution


Raj must get a new job or face deportation when his research ends, so Sheldon hires him as an assistant, a situation that soon goes to Sheldon’s head.

Watch The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary. Episode 5 of Season 3.

5. The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary


Penny sets Howard up with one of her friends, and Sheldon enters a collectible card game tournament to get revenge on guest player Wil Wheaton.

Watch The Cornhusker Vortex. Episode 6 of Season 3.

6. The Cornhusker Vortex


Leonard tries to fit in when Penny throws a party to watch a football game, and Raj develops abandonment issues with Howard.

Watch The Guitarist Amplification. Episode 7 of Season 3.

7. The Guitarist Amplification


Leonard and Penny’s bickering drives Sheldon to stay with Raj and then Howard, but their fights with their parents are just as disturbing.

Watch The Adhesive Duck Deficiency. Episode 8 of Season 3.

8. The Adhesive Duck Deficiency


Sheldon helps Penny when she slips in the shower. Raj, Leonard and Howard’s meteor shower viewing party gets a boost from some “magic” cookies.

Watch The Vengeance Formulation. Episode 9 of Season 3.

9. The Vengeance Formulation


Bernadette asks Howard where their relationship is headed, and Barry Kripke pulls a prank on Sheldon during an NPR interview.

Watch The Gorilla Experiment. Episode 10 of Season 3.

10. The Gorilla Experiment


Bernadette’s interest in physics draws her to Leonard, sending a jealous Penny to Sheldon for a crash course on the subject.

Watch The Maternal Congruence. Episode 11 of Season 3.

11. The Maternal Congruence


When Leonard’s mother visits at Christmas, he finds out that his parents are getting divorced — which Sheldon has known about for weeks.

Watch The Psychic Vortex. Episode 12 of Season 3.

12. The Psychic Vortex


Leonard makes fun of Penny for consulting a psychic, then makes it up to her by visiting one himself. Raj bribes Sheldon to act as his wingman.

Watch The Bozeman Reaction. Episode 13 of Season 3.

13. The Bozeman Reaction


When his apartment is burglarized, Sheldon begins to feel unsafe in Pasadena and researches new places to live.

Watch The Einstein Approximation. Episode 14 of Season 3.

14. The Einstein Approximation


Sheldon hopes that a menial job will clear his mind enough to solve a tough problem. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang enjoys roller disco night.

Watch The Large Hadron Collision. Episode 15 of Season 3.

15. The Large Hadron Collision


When Leonard is invited to visit Switzerland’s Large Hadron Collider, his decision to bring Penny along leaves Sheldon feeling betrayed.

Watch The Excelsior Acquisition. Episode 16 of Season 3.

16. The Excelsior Acquisition


Sheldon learns that he must be in court to fight a traffic ticket the same day that Stan Lee is due to appear at the comic book store.

Watch The Precious Fragmentation. Episode 17 of Season 3.

17. The Precious Fragmentation


The guys find life imitating art when the “Lord of the Rings” ring they bought at a garage sale turns out to be the one actually used in the films.

Watch The Pants Alternative. Episode 18 of Season 3.

18. The Pants Alternative


Nervous about a speech, Sheldon gets advice and help from Penny, Leonard and Raj … then gives the speech drunk on the big night.

Watch The Wheaton Recurrence. Episode 19 of Season 3.

19. The Wheaton Recurrence


Leonard is stunned when Penny responds “thank you” to his “I love you,” and Sheldon sees a chance to get back at Wil Wheaton while bowling.

Watch The Spaghetti Catalyst. Episode 20 of Season 3.

20. The Spaghetti Catalyst


When Penny and Leonard break up, Sheldon continues his friendship with Penny, which Raj and Howard tell him just isn’t done when a buddy gets dumped.

Watch The Plimpton Stimulation. Episode 21 of Season 3.

21. The Plimpton Stimulation


A physicist visiting from Princeton creates waves when she has a one-night stand with Leonard, then takes up with Raj and Howard.

Watch The Staircase Implementation. Episode 22 of Season 3.

22. The Staircase Implementation


A feud between Leonard and Sheldon prompts Penny to ask why the two live together in the first place, and Leonard tells her in a series of flashbacks.

Watch The Lunar Excitation. Episode 23 of Season 3.

23. The Lunar Excitation


The guys’ lunar experiment party turns ugly, thanks to Penny’s date. Meanwhile, an online dating site matches Sheldon with Amy Farrah Fowler.

Watch The Robotic Manipulation. Episode 1 of Season 4.

1. The Robotic Manipulation


Howard is attacked by a robotic arm he borrowed from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Penny chaperones Sheldon’s first date with Amy Farrah Fowler.

Watch The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification. Episode 2 of Season 4.

2. The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification


A freak accident causes Sheldon to interact with others remotely via the Mobile Virtual Presence Device (MVPD), which Penny fittingly dubs “Shel-Bot.”

Watch The Zazzy Substitution. Episode 3 of Season 4.

3. The Zazzy Substitution


Sheldon and Amy grow closer every day, until a minor disagreement causes them to split and Sheldon to seek solace by adopting 25 cats.

Watch The Hot Troll Deviation. Episode 4 of Season 4.

4. The Hot Troll Deviation


A chance meeting gives Howard a second chance with Bernadette, and Raj battles Sheldon over the addition of a desk in their office.

Watch The Desperation Emanation. Episode 5 of Season 4.

5. The Desperation Emanation


Sheldon avoids Amy when she wants to introduce him to her mother, and Howard and Bernadette set Leonard up with an obnoxious blind date.

Watch The Irish Pub Formulation. Episode 6 of Season 4.

6. The Irish Pub Formulation


Leonard’s secret tryst with Raj’s sister Priya prompts the guys to admit years’ worth of secrets they’ve kept from one another.

Watch The Apology Insufficiency. Episode 7 of Season 4.

7. The Apology Insufficiency


Interviewed for Howard’s security clearance, Sheldon blabs about the Mars Rover crash, Raj is nearly deported, and Leonard hits on the interviewer.

Watch The 21-Second Excitation. Episode 8 of Season 4.

8. The 21-Second Excitation


Sheldon steals a print of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” from a theater, and Amy proves socially inept during a girls’ night with Penny and Bernadette.

Watch The Boyfriend Complexity. Episode 9 of Season 4.

9. The Boyfriend Complexity


When her father visits, Penny asks Leonard to pretend that they’re still together, since he’s the only one of her boyfriends her dad has ever liked.

Watch The Alien Parasite Hypothesis. Episode 10 of Season 4.

10. The Alien Parasite Hypothesis


When Amy is attracted to Penny’s ex, she describes these new feelings to a jealous Sheldon, who argues that she must be hosting an alien parasite.

Watch The Justice League Recombination. Episode 11 of Season 4.

11. The Justice League Recombination


The guys dress as the Justice League for a New Year’s Eve party at Stuart’s comic book shop, but Penny ditches to join her ex at a different event.

Watch The Bus Pants Utilization. Episode 12 of Season 4.

12. The Bus Pants Utilization


Leonard and Sheldon nearly come to blows over the development of a mathematics smartphone app, which has turned Sheldon into a megalomaniac.

Watch The Love Car Displacement. Episode 13 of Season 4.

13. The Love Car Displacement


Sharing cars and hotel rooms causes multiple issues when the entire group heads to Big Sur for a science conference.

Watch The Thespian Catalyst. Episode 14 of Season 4.

14. The Thespian Catalyst


Sheldon asks Penny for acting lessons to help him become more at ease at his new teaching job, and Raj fantasizes about Bernadette.

Watch The Benefactor Factor. Episode 15 of Season 4.

15. The Benefactor Factor


Leonard is honored when wealthy, elderly benefactor Mrs. Latham invites him for dinner, until he learns that he must sleep with her for a donation.

Watch The Cohabitation Formulation. Episode 16 of Season 4.

16. The Cohabitation Formulation


Angered by his dependence on his mother, Bernadette insists that Howard move in with her; Leonard is thrilled that Priya has come to visit.

Watch The Toast Derivation. Episode 17 of Season 4.

17. The Toast Derivation


When Amy calls Leonard the nucleus of their social group, Sheldon forms a new group, including his rival Barry Kripke, Penny’s ex and LeVar Burton.

Watch The Prestidigitation Approximation. Episode 18 of Season 4.

18. The Prestidigitation Approximation


Priya pushes Leonard to end his friendship with Penny, and Sheldon becomes obsessed with figuring out Howard’s card trick.

Watch The Zarnecki Incursion. Episode 19 of Season 4.

19. The Zarnecki Incursion


The guys take a road trip to confront the hacker who pillaged Sheldon’s World of Warcraft account, and the girls confront Priya about her attitude.

Watch The Herb Garden Germination. Episode 20 of Season 4.

20. The Herb Garden Germination


Penny’s rumor that Bernadette and Howard are breaking up leads the friends to panic and Amy to conduct an experiment in gossip.

Watch The Agreement Dissection. Episode 21 of Season 4.

21. The Agreement Dissection


Leonard’s intensifying relationship with Priya violates multiple clauses in his roommate agreement with Sheldon, who’s forced to rebuild the document.

Watch The Wildebeest Implementation. Episode 22 of Season 4.

22. The Wildebeest Implementation


When Priya invites Howard and Bernadette on a double date with her and Leonard, Penny uses the opportunity to get back at her.

Watch The Engagement Reaction. Episode 23 of Season 4.

23. The Engagement Reaction


Bernadette takes it personally when Howard’s mother collapses upon hearing of their engagement, and Priya and Penny compare notes on Leonard.

Watch The Roommate Transmogrification. Episode 24 of Season 4.

24. The Roommate Transmogrification


Bernadette buys Howard a Rolex to celebrate her PhD and new job, and Raj becomes Sheldon’s temporary roommate.

Watch The Skank Reflex Analysis. Episode 1 of Season 5.

1. The Skank Reflex Analysis


Raj is on everyone’s lips when he sleeps with Penny and admits to fantasizing about Bernadette; Sheldon leads the department paintball team.

Watch The Infestation Hypothesis. Episode 2 of Season 5.

2. The Infestation Hypothesis


Sheldon’s germ phobia goes into overdrive when Penny announces that the new chair he loves was salvaged from the side of the road.

Watch The Pulled Groin Extrapolation. Episode 3 of Season 5.

3. The Pulled Groin Extrapolation


Sheldon grows jealous when Amy takes Leonard as her date to a wedding. Meanwhile, Bernadette clashes with Howard about his mother.

Watch The Wiggly Finger Catalyst. Episode 4 of Season 5.

4. The Wiggly Finger Catalyst


Penny sets up Raj with her friend Emily, and the two hit it off. But Emily’s motives soon become apparent to everyone but him.

Watch The Russian Rocket Reaction. Episode 5 of Season 5.

5. The Russian Rocket Reaction


Howard is thrilled to be going into space, but Bernadette fears for his safety. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Leonard are invited to a party by Wil Wheaton.

Watch The Rhinitis Revelation. Episode 6 of Season 5.

6. The Rhinitis Revelation


Sheldon’s mother is in town for a few days as she waits for her cruise to set sail, but ends up spending her time with everyone but him.

Watch The Good Guy Fluctuation. Episode 7 of Season 5.

7. The Good Guy Fluctuation


Leonard is tempted to cheat on Priya with Alice, a girl he met at the comic book store. Meanwhile, Sheldon seeks revenge for a Halloween prank.

Watch The Isolation Permutation. Episode 8 of Season 5.

8. The Isolation Permutation


Amy is devastated when Bernadette and Penny don’t invite her to go shopping for bridesmaids dresses, but Sheldon doesn’t know how to comfort her.

Watch The Ornithophobia Diffusion. Episode 9 of Season 5.

9. The Ornithophobia Diffusion


A fight erupts when Penny and Leonard go to the movies as friends; Sheldon tries to rid the apartment of a bird that has him terrified.

Watch The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition. Episode 10 of Season 5.

10. The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition


Stuart asks Amy out, prompting a jealous Sheldon to ask Penny for a date out of spite. She refuses, but gives him advice on how to make Amy happy.

Watch The Speckerman Recurrence. Episode 11 of Season 5.

11. The Speckerman Recurrence


Leonard is contacted by a guy who bullied him in high school and hasn’t changed. The incident prompts Penny to admit she was once a bully herself.

Watch The Shiny Trinket Maneuver. Episode 12 of Season 5.

12. The Shiny Trinket Maneuver


Sheldon buys Amy something pretty to make up for insulting her recent publication, and Bernadette reveals to Howard that she doesn’t want children.

Watch The Recombination Hypothesis. Episode 13 of Season 5.

13. The Recombination Hypothesis


Leonard and Penny reconcile, but agree that they should progress slowly and keep their relationship secret, which has its drawbacks.

Watch The Beta Test Initiation. Episode 14 of Season 5.

14. The Beta Test Initiation


Penny and Leonard try starting their relationship again, Raj falls in love with Siri, and Sheldon and Amy launch the “Fun with Flags” webcast.

Watch The Friendship Contraction. Episode 15 of Season 5.

15. The Friendship Contraction


When Sheldon gets on Leonard’s bad side, it doesn’t take long to discover how much he relies on him in virtually every aspect of his life.

Watch The Vacation Solution. Episode 16 of Season 5.

16. The Vacation Solution


Sheldon spends his mandatory vacation “helping” Amy at her lab, and Bernadette’s father wants Howard to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Watch The Rothman Disintegration. Episode 17 of Season 5.

17. The Rothman Disintegration


Sheldon and Barry Kripke play basketball to see who gets a vacant office, and Amy gives Penny an enormous, unflattering portrait of the two of them.

Watch The Werewolf Transformation. Episode 18 of Season 5.

18. The Werewolf Transformation


When his regular barber falls ill, Sheldon refuses to let anyone else cut his hair, and his lifestyle starts to change to reflect his longer locks.

Watch The Weekend Vortex. Episode 19 of Season 5.

19. The Weekend Vortex


The guys’ plans for a weekend-long gaming marathon is derailed by Amy’s aunt’s 93rd birthday party, Bernadette’s presence and other girlfriend issues.

Watch The Transporter Malfunction. Episode 20 of Season 5.

20. The Transporter Malfunction


Sheldon has a crisis of conscience when he swaps his broken vintage Star Trek transporter for Leonard’s identical — and unbroken — specimen.

Watch The Hawking Excitation. Episode 21 of Season 5.

21. The Hawking Excitation


When he’s asked to maintain Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair during a guest lecture series, Howard realizes he has Sheldon in the palm of his hand.

Watch The Stag Convergence. Episode 22 of Season 5.

22. The Stag Convergence


Raj’s drunken toast at Howard’s bachelor party goes viral (thanks to Wil Wheaton), sending Bernadette on the warpath.

Watch The Launch Acceleration. Episode 23 of Season 5.

23. The Launch Acceleration


Howard’s wedding plans are shaken up when NASA changes his launch schedule. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny take their relationship to the next level.

Watch The Countdown Reflection. Episode 24 of Season 5.

24. The Countdown Reflection


While waiting for the countdown for his voyage into space, Howard reflects on the previous days, including his impromptu wedding to Bernadette.

Watch The Date Night Variable. Episode 1 of Season 6.

1. The Date Night Variable


Poor Raj is a third wheel on two different dates before he finally finds company. Wolowitz is nagged by his mother even though he’s in outer space.

Watch The Decoupling Fluctuation. Episode 2 of Season 6.

2. The Decoupling Fluctuation


Penny is uncertain about her feelings for Leonard, which upsets Sheldon. Stuart is allowed to join the gang if he follows Sheldon’s strict conditions.

Watch The Higgs Boson Observation. Episode 3 of Season 6.

3. The Higgs Boson Observation


While Wolowitz wrestles with cabin fever, Sheldon provokes a chain reaction of jealousy by hiring an attractive assistant to sort his old papers.

Watch The Re-Entry Minimization. Episode 4 of Season 6.

4. The Re-Entry Minimization


Wolowitz is distressed by the lukewarm reception he receives when he returns home from space, while Sheldon gets ultra-competitive during game night.

Watch The Holographic Excitation. Episode 5 of Season 6.

5. The Holographic Excitation


Raj and Stuart throw a Halloween bash, but it seems like the only one in a party mood is Penny, who gets turned on every time Leonard talks science.

Watch The Extract Obliteration. Episode 6 of Season 6.

6. The Extract Obliteration


Sheldon gets competitive while playing a word game with Stephen Hawking, and Penny is infuriated by Leonard’s attempt to help her with her homework.

Watch The Habitation Configuration. Episode 7 of Season 6.

7. The Habitation Configuration


Wil Wheaton comes between Sheldon and Amy. Bernadette has second thoughts about forcing Howard to finally move out of his mother’s house.

Watch The 43 Peculiarity. Episode 8 of Season 6.

8. The 43 Peculiarity


Raj and Howard go to extreme lengths to uncover Sheldon’s secret afternoon activity, and Penny reveals how she really feels about Leonard.

Watch The Parking Spot Escalation. Episode 9 of Season 6.

9. The Parking Spot Escalation


Even though Sheldon doesn’t drive, he’s infuriated when Howard gets his parking spot at work, and their feud makes the whole gang miserable.

Watch The Fish Guts Displacement. Episode 10 of Season 6.

10. The Fish Guts Displacement


Howard finds surprising common ground with his father-in-law, while Amy relishes receiving some TLC from Sheldon when she’s sick with the flu.

Watch The Santa Simulation. Episode 11 of Season 6.

11. The Santa Simulation


Sheldon reveals the reason for his deep-seated dislike of Santa Claus and Christmas, while Raj bonds with Amy over drinks during a girls’ night out.

Watch The Egg Salad Equivalency. Episode 12 of Season 6.

12. The Egg Salad Equivalency


Sheldon gets all the guys in trouble with Human Resources when he uses inappropriate language to talk to Alex about hitting on a clueless Leonard.

Watch The Bakersfield Expedition. Episode 13 of Season 6.

13. The Bakersfield Expedition


The guys run into bad luck on a road trip to the Bakersfield Comic-Con. Back home, the girls discover that comic books aren’t so bad.

Watch The Cooper/Kripke Inversion. Episode 14 of Season 6.

14. The Cooper/Kripke Inversion


Sheldon makes a shocking admission after a clash with Kripke jolts his self-confidence. Bernadette is furious when Howard spends too much money.

Watch The Spoiler Alert Segmentation. Episode 15 of Season 6.

15. The Spoiler Alert Segmentation


After a fight with Sheldon, Leonard decides to move in with Penny, causing a chain reaction of unhappy roommates moving from apartment to apartment.

Watch The Tangible Affection Proof. Episode 16 of Season 6.

16. The Tangible Affection Proof


Valentine’s Day, a holiday loathed by all, arrives and prompts the various couples in the gang to celebrate in ways both typical and surprising.

Watch The Monster Isolation. Episode 17 of Season 6.

17. The Monster Isolation


Raj and Lucy have a hard time connecting; Sheldon and the gang are floored by Penny’s performance in “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Watch The Contractual Obligation Implementation. Episode 18 of Season 6.

18. The Contractual Obligation Implementation


Sheldon, Howard and Leonard have trouble inspiring tween girls to take an interest in science, while Raj and Lucy find the perfect way to communicate.

Watch The Closet Reconfiguration. Episode 19 of Season 6.

19. The Closet Reconfiguration


The gang does its best to cheer up an anxious Howard after Sheldon unearths an unopened letter that Howard’s father sent him on his 18th birthday.

Watch The Tenure Turbulence. Episode 20 of Season 6.

20. The Tenure Turbulence


The competition gets fierce when a tenured position opens up at the university, and it turns out that Ms. Davis from HR is on the deciding committee.

Watch The Closure Alternative. Episode 21 of Season 6.

21. The Closure Alternative


Amy tries to help Sheldon overcome his compulsive need for closure, while Raj reacts badly to revelations in Lucy’s blog about his feminine side.

Watch The Proton Resurgence. Episode 22 of Season 6.

22. The Proton Resurgence


Sheldon and Leonard are thrilled to meet their childhood hero, TV scientist Professor Proton, but their anticipated party does not go as planned.

Watch The Love Spell Potential. Episode 23 of Season 6.

23. The Love Spell Potential


A weekend of “Dungeons and Dragons” goes awry when Raj leaves for a date with Lucy and Amy gets anxious about Sheldon’s reluctance to become intimate.

Watch The Bon Voyage Reaction. Episode 24 of Season 6.

24. The Bon Voyage Reaction


The gang has mixed reactions when Leonard gets a work opportunity that will require him to be away for the summer, and Raj makes a major breakthrough.

Watch The Hofstadter Insufficiency. Episode 1 of Season 7.

1. The Hofstadter Insufficiency


Sheldon tries to comfort Penny, who’s worried Leonard is having too good a time on the North Sea, while Raj gets on the wrong side of the head of HR.

Watch The Deception Verification. Episode 2 of Season 7.

2. The Deception Verification


When Sheldon learns that Leonard came home early to be with Penny, his feelings are hurt. Howard can’t understand why he’s feeling fat and vulnerable.

Watch The Scavenger Vortex. Episode 3 of Season 7.

3. The Scavenger Vortex


When the gang competes in a cutthroat scavenger hunt designed by Raj, it brings out the best — and worst — in everyone.

Watch The Raiders Minimization. Episode 4 of Season 7.

4. The Raiders Minimization


After Amy ruins one of Sheldon’s favorite movies, he seeks revenge. Meanwhile, Leonard discovers a way to get Penny to do his bidding.

Watch The Workplace Proximity. Episode 5 of Season 7.

5. The Workplace Proximity


Sheldon must decide how much “Amy time” is too much after she takes a job at his university, putting their relationship to the test.

Watch The Romance Resonance. Episode 6 of Season 7.

6. The Romance Resonance


Sheldon’s latest scientific breakthrough makes him feel like a fraud, and Howard’s romantic gesture prompts Penny to step up her game with Leonard.

Watch The Proton Displacement. Episode 7 of Season 7.

7. The Proton Displacement


After Prof. Proton slights Sheldon, he seeks revenge by befriending rival TV host Bill Nye, the science guy. Meanwhile, Howard crashes a girls’ night.

Watch The Itchy Brain Simulation. Episode 8 of Season 7.

8. The Itchy Brain Simulation


Leonard fails to keep Sheldon from overreacting when a past mistake comes to light. As penance, Leonard has to “walk a mile in Sheldon’s shoes.”

Watch The Thanksgiving Decoupling. Episode 9 of Season 7.

9. The Thanksgiving Decoupling


Sheldon protests when the gang drags him to Mrs. Wolowitz’s house for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard deal with a mistake from her past.

Watch The Discovery Dissipation. Episode 10 of Season 7.

10. The Discovery Dissipation


Leonard and Amy help Sheldon cope with the shame he’s feeling after his accidental contribution to science is disproved.

Watch The Cooper Extraction. Episode 11 of Season 7.

11. The Cooper Extraction


While Sheldon is away, everyone gathers to decorate the Christmas tree and imagines what their lives would be like had they never met him.

Watch The Hesitation Ramification. Episode 12 of Season 7.

12. The Hesitation Ramification


When Penny’s big acting break on “NCIS” is a bust, Leonard struggles to help her, which prompts Penny to ask him a bold relationship question.

Watch The Occupation Recalibration. Episode 13 of Season 7.

13. The Occupation Recalibration


When Sheldon is forced to take a vacation, he tries to relax but instead spends a lot of time with Penny after she quits her job.

Watch The Convention Conundrum. Episode 14 of Season 7.

14. The Convention Conundrum


When the guys can’t get Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon decides to hold his own convention and ends up spending a wild night with James Earl Jones.

Watch The Locomotive Manipulation. Episode 15 of Season 7.

15. The Locomotive Manipulation


Amy persuades Sheldon to join her — along with Howard and Bernadette — for a romantic weekend in Napa Valley to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Watch The Table Polarization. Episode 16 of Season 7.

16. The Table Polarization


When Leonard buys a table, it causes Sheldon to reevaluate the changes in his life. Meanwhile, Wolowitz is offered a chance to go back into space.

Watch The Friendship Turbulence. Episode 17 of Season 7.

17. The Friendship Turbulence


Bernadette tries to make peace between Howard and Sheldon by having them travel together to Houston in an attempt to mend their friendship.

Watch The Mommy Observation. Episode 18 of Season 7.

18. The Mommy Observation


When Sheldon visits his mom, he’s forced to confront a new reality. Meanwhile, Raj’s murder-mystery party starts some fights within the gang.

Watch The Indecision Amalgamation. Episode 19 of Season 7.

19. The Indecision Amalgamation


While Raj is wracked with guilt over dating two women at the same time, Penny wrestles with whether to take a role in a cheesy movie.

Watch The Relationship Diremption. Episode 20 of Season 7.

20. The Relationship Diremption


Sheldon faces a personal crisis after deciding he’s wasting his time with string theory. Meanwhile, a double date ends in embarrassment.

Watch The Anything Can Happen Recurrence. Episode 21 of Season 7.

21. The Anything Can Happen Recurrence


Leonard tries to help Sheldon free his mind by reinstating “Anything Can Happen Thursday,” and Raj seeks Howard’s help to prepare for a date.

Watch The Proton Transmogrification. Episode 22 of Season 7.

22. The Proton Transmogrification


Prof. Proton helps Sheldon cope with grief, while Leonard turns a relationship milestone into a competition with Penny.

Watch The Gorilla Dissolution. Episode 23 of Season 7.

23. The Gorilla Dissolution


A horrible day at work prompts Penny to reevaluate her life choices. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette struggle to care for bedridden Mrs. Wolowitz.

Watch The Status Quo Combustion. Episode 24 of Season 7.

24. The Status Quo Combustion


With his entire world changing around him, Sheldon is forced to confront an uncertain future. Meanwhile, Raj and Emily take things to the next level.

Watch The Locomotion Interruption. Episode 1 of Season 8.

1. The Locomotion Interruption


Sheldon is ready to come home after an incident on the train, so Amy and Leonard pick him up in Arizona. Penny interviews at Bernadette’s company.

Watch The Junior Professor Solution. Episode 2 of Season 8.

2. The Junior Professor Solution


Sheldon becomes a junior professor, but he’s required to teach a class. Amy enjoys being in the middle when Penny and Bernadette have a disagreement.

Watch The First Pitch Insufficiency. Episode 3 of Season 8.

3. The First Pitch Insufficiency


NASA asks Howard to throw out the first pitch at an Angels game. Sheldon and Amy outscore Leonard and Penny on a compatibility test.

Watch The Hook-Up Reverberation. Episode 4 of Season 8.

4. The Hook-Up Reverberation


Raj’s girlfriend, Emily, finally meets Penny. Meanwhile, the guys consider investing in Stuart’s comic book store.

Watch The Focus Attenuation. Episode 5 of Season 8.

5. The Focus Attenuation


The girls head to Vegas for the weekend, but Penny spends her time working instead of having fun. Back at home, the guys try to invent a hoverboard.

Watch The Expedition Approximation. Episode 6 of Season 8.

6. The Expedition Approximation


Sheldon and Raj test whether they could survive a dark-matter research expedition in a salt mine. Leonard and Penny bicker about money.

Watch The Misinterpretation Agitation. Episode 7 of Season 8.

7. The Misinterpretation Agitation


A doctor mistakes Penny’s flirty sales pitch for attraction, while Amy and Bernadette debate whether female scientists should use their sex appeal.

Watch The Prom Equivalency. Episode 8 of Season 8.

8. The Prom Equivalency


Sheldon panics when the girls decide to recreate prom night on the roof of his building, thinking Amy will be expecting him to make a move.

Watch The Septum Deviation. Episode 9 of Season 8.

9. The Septum Deviation


A distraught Sheldon tries to talk Leonard out of getting minor surgery. Meanwhile, Raj’s parents announce that they’re getting divorced.

Watch The Champagne Reflection. Episode 10 of Season 8.

10. The Champagne Reflection


A professor’s death prompts Leonard, Howard and Raj to reflect on their own work. Bernadette finds out how her co-workers really feel about her.

Watch The Clean Room Infiltration. Episode 11 of Season 8.

11. The Clean Room Infiltration


Raj swoops in to help Leonard and Howard deal with a work emergency. Amy throws an authentic Victorian Christmas party, irritating Sheldon.

Watch The Space Probe Disintegration. Episode 12 of Season 8.

12. The Space Probe Disintegration


Leonard and Sheldon learn a lesson about compromise when Penny and Amy take them shopping for dresses. Howard tries to distract a nervous Raj.

Watch The Anxiety Optimization. Episode 13 of Season 8.

13. The Anxiety Optimization


Sheldon enlists his friends to annoy him, hoping it’ll put him in the right state of mind to make a breakthrough in his dark matter research.

Watch The Troll Manifestation. Episode 14 of Season 8.

14. The Troll Manifestation


Sheldon and Leonard deal with a rude commenter after they publish a physics paper online. The girls take an embarrassing trip down memory lane.

Watch The Comic Book Store Regeneration. Episode 15 of Season 8.

15. The Comic Book Store Regeneration


Stuart reopens the comic book store, Penny tries to help Sheldon stop dwelling on things and Howard receives some shocking news.

Watch The Intimacy Acceleration. Episode 16 of Season 8.

16. The Intimacy Acceleration


Sheldon and Penny try out an experiment that supposedly makes people fall in love. The rest of the gang spends the evening at an escape room.

Watch The Colonization Application. Episode 17 of Season 8.

17. The Colonization Application


Amy is upset when Sheldon applies to be part of a one-way mission to colonize Mars. Leonard has a risqué surprise for Penny.

Watch The Leftover Thermalization. Episode 18 of Season 8.

18. The Leftover Thermalization


A magazine fails to give Leonard credit for the paper he co-wrote with Sheldon, and they bicker during a dinner at Mrs. Wolowitz’s house.

Watch The Skywalker Incursion. Episode 19 of Season 8.

19. The Skywalker Incursion


Invited to speak in Berkeley, Leonard and Sheldon take a side trip to George Lucas’s ranch. At home, Howard and Bernadette argue about “Doctor Who.”

Watch The Fortification Implementation. Episode 20 of Season 8.

20. The Fortification Implementation


Sheldon and Amy make a breakthrough in their relationship while building a blanket fort together. Penny appears on Wil Wheaton’s podcast.

Watch The Communication Deterioration. Episode 21 of Season 8.

21. The Communication Deterioration


Sheldon and Howard try to take over a project that Raj is working on for NASA. Penny thinks about giving acting another try.

Watch The Graduation Transmission. Episode 22 of Season 8.

22. The Graduation Transmission


Leonard is scheduled to give a commencement speech at his old high school, but his flight gets canceled. Raj can’t get his toy helicopter to work.

Watch The Maternal Combustion. Episode 23 of Season 8.

23. The Maternal Combustion


Sheldon and Leonard’s mothers butt heads when they finally meet. Bernadette demands that Howard do his fair share of the housework.

Watch The Commitment Determination. Episode 24 of Season 8.

24. The Commitment Determination


After Sheldon hurts Amy’s feelings on the anniversary of their first date, she decides it’s time to reexamine their relationship.

Watch The Matrimonial Momentum. Episode 1 of Season 9.

1. The Matrimonial Momentum


Leonard’s confession to Penny on their big day in Las Vegas creates a rift between them, while Sheldon and Amy also hit a bump in their relationship.

Watch The Separation Oscillation. Episode 2 of Season 9.

2. The Separation Oscillation


Leonard meets up with Mandy as he and Penny each face fears about their relationship. Sheldon shoots an angry episode of “Fun with Flags.”

Watch The Bachelor Party Corrosion. Episode 3 of Season 9.

3. The Bachelor Party Corrosion


Raj and Howard plan a bachelor party for Leonard, but just getting there will be an adventure. The girls have a bachelorette party at Penny’s place.

Watch The 2003 Approximation. Episode 4 of Season 9.

4. The 2003 Approximation


After learning that Leonard and Penny will move in together, Sheldon tries to emotionally travel in time to 2003, before he knew Leonard, Penny and Amy.

Watch The Perspiration Implementation. Episode 5 of Season 9.

5. The Perspiration Implementation


The guys take up fencing in an effort to get more exercise. Stuart tries to figure out how to get more girls to come to his store.

Watch The Helium Insufficiency. Episode 6 of Season 9.

6. The Helium Insufficiency


Sheldon and Leonard need to find liquid helium quickly when Swedish scientists set out to prove their hypothesis. Amy tries a dating app.

Watch The Spock Resonance. Episode 7 of Season 9.

7. The Spock Resonance


Sheldon gets emotional during an interview with Wil Wheaton for a “Star Trek” documentary. Bernadette wants to start renovating Howard’s mom’s house.

Watch The Mystery Date Observation. Episode 8 of Season 9.

8. The Mystery Date Observation


Penny, Bernadette and Leonard spy on Amy’s date. Howard and Raj help Sheldon place an online ad to find a new girlfriend.

Watch The Platonic Permutation. Episode 9 of Season 9.

9. The Platonic Permutation


Amy and Sheldon go to the aquarium together as friends. Howard reluctantly agrees to volunteer at a soup kitchen. Penny and Leonard host Thanksgiving.

Watch The Earworm Reverberation. Episode 10 of Season 9.

10. The Earworm Reverberation


Sheldon gets a song stuck in his head but can’t figure out what it is. Howard and Raj go overboard when they learn that their band has a fan.

Watch The Opening Night Excitation. Episode 11 of Season 9.

11. The Opening Night Excitation


Sheldon has to decide between spending time with Amy on her birthday and attending opening night of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with the guys.

Watch The Sales Call Sublimation. Episode 12 of Season 9.

12. The Sales Call Sublimation


Penny uses Leonard to make a sales pitch to a psychiatrist. Sheldon and Raj discover an asteroid. Stuart moves out of Howard and Bernadette’s house.

Watch The Empathy Optimization. Episode 13 of Season 9.

13. The Empathy Optimization


After being annoyed by sick Sheldon, everyone goes to Las Vegas to get away from him. Sheldon learns the value of empathy and apologizing.

Watch The Meemaw Materialization. Episode 14 of Season 9.

14. The Meemaw Materialization


Meemaw comes to visit, but things don’t go well when she meets Amy. Raj meets a girl he likes, prompting him to ponder his relationship with Emily.

Watch The Valentino Submergence. Episode 15 of Season 9.

15. The Valentino Submergence


Sheldon and Amy host a Valentine’s Day episode of “Fun with Flags.” Howard and Bernadette stumble on a new pet. Leonard and Penny start to feel old.

Watch The Positive Negative Reaction. Episode 16 of Season 9.

16. The Positive Negative Reaction


Howard freaks out when he hears big news, so the boys take him to a karaoke bar to calm him down. There, they come up with a new moneymaking idea.

Watch The Celebration Experimentation. Episode 17 of Season 9.

17. The Celebration Experimentation


Sheldon is reluctant to celebrate his birthday due to a bad childhood experience, but gives in when Amy and the others plan a big party for him.

Watch The Application Deterioration. Episode 18 of Season 9.

18. The Application Deterioration


The guys attempt to patent their idea but learn that the financial details will be sticky. Raj asks the girls for advice about Emily.

Watch The Solder Excursion Diversion. Episode 19 of Season 9.

19. The Solder Excursion Diversion


Amy buys Sheldon a new laptop, then learns something unusual about him. Howard and Leonard lie to their wives to see a screening of “Suicide Squad.”

Watch The Big Bear Precipitation. Episode 20 of Season 9.

20. The Big Bear Precipitation


Amy, Penny, Leonard and Sheldon exchange secrets on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods. Raj gets too involved in Bernadette’s personal life.

Watch The Viewing Party Combustion. Episode 21 of Season 9.

21. The Viewing Party Combustion


A trivial disagreement between Leonard and Sheldon before a “Game of Thrones” viewing party devolves into a huge argument involving everyone.

Watch The Fermentation Bifurcation. Episode 22 of Season 9.

22. The Fermentation Bifurcation


Sheldon stays behind with Bernadette while everyone else goes to a wine tasting party. Raj gets into some hot water when he brings Claire along.

Watch The Line Substitution Solution. Episode 23 of Season 9.

23. The Line Substitution Solution


Leonard has Penny pick up his mother from the airport, and the two women struggle to make a connection. Sheldon hires Stuart to spend time with Amy.

Watch The Convergence Convergence. Episode 24 of Season 9.

24. The Convergence Convergence


Leonard and Penny plan a second wedding for friends and family, but it creates parental strife. Howard thinks the government is after Raj and him.

Watch The Conjugal Conjecture. Episode 1 of Season 10.

1. The Conjugal Conjecture


It’s an uncomfortable wedding day for Penny and Leonard when it appears that his dad and Sheldon’s mom may have hooked up and Penny’s family arrives.

Watch The Military Miniaturization. Episode 2 of Season 10.

2. The Military Miniaturization


Air Force Col. Williams comes to see Howard about the quantum gyroscope. Bernadette is furious that someone at work has blabbed about her condition.

Watch The Dependence Transcendence. Episode 3 of Season 10.

3. The Dependence Transcendence


Bernadette confides in Raj she’s not sure about being a mom. When Penny goes with Amy to Bert’s party she’s shocked to hear about Amy’s reputation.

Watch The Cohabitation Experimentation. Episode 4 of Season 10.

4. The Cohabitation Experimentation


When Amy must leave her flooded apartment for weeks the logical thing to do is move in with Sheldon. Only Raj knows the sex of the Wolowitz baby.

Watch The Hot Tub Contamination. Episode 5 of Season 10.

5. The Hot Tub Contamination


Penny and Sheldon bond to complain about Amy and Leonard. While Howard and Bernadette plan a babymoon, Raj and Stuart take over their hot tub.

Watch The Fetal Kick Catalyst. Episode 6 of Season 10.

6. The Fetal Kick Catalyst


Penny is asked to sign autographs at a local fan convention, but it’s Leonard who’s the big hit. Sheldon and Amy host their first party together.

Watch The Veracity Elasticity. Episode 7 of Season 10.

7. The Veracity Elasticity


Sheldon and Amy return in “Fun with Flags.” Amy’s been lying to Sheldon about her apartment, and when he finds out, he has a big decision to make.

Watch The Brain Bowl Incubation. Episode 8 of Season 10.

8. The Brain Bowl Incubation


While working on a bioengineering project with Amy, Sheldon decides he wants them to have a baby. Raj is attracted to the office cleaning lady.

Watch The Geology Elevation. Episode 9 of Season 10.

9. The Geology Elevation


Sheldon has a hard time getting past his jealousy when Bert wins a huge grant. Howard’s remote control Stephen Hawking raises questions, and eyebrows.

Watch The Property Division Collision. Episode 10 of Season 10.

10. The Property Division Collision


Leonard and Sheldon go to war over dividing up their stuff. Raj and Stuart are in a frenzy trying to be the most helpful to Howard and Bernadette.

Watch The Birthday Synchronicity. Episode 11 of Season 10.

11. The Birthday Synchronicity


Amy’s annual birthday ritual is interrupted when Bernadette goes into labor. The gang reflects on how much their lives have changed — except for Raj.

Watch The Holiday Summation. Episode 12 of Season 10.

12. The Holiday Summation


After the holidays Sheldon and Amy recall their trip to Texas to see his mother, and Leonard and Penny relive their argument over a Christmas tree.

Watch The Romance Recalibration. Episode 13 of Season 10.

13. The Romance Recalibration


Leonard and Penny turn to Sheldon and Amy for relationship advice. Raj and Howard need math and science to fix a squeaky floor in the baby’s room.

Watch The Emotion Detection Automation. Episode 14 of Season 10.

14. The Emotion Detection Automation


Sheldon attempts to gain empathy and insight from an emotions reader. Raj gathers all his old girlfriends for a focus group to see what went wrong.

Watch The Locomotion Reverberation. Episode 15 of Season 10.

15. The Locomotion Reverberation


Leonard gives Sheldon a train experience holiday to get him out of the way so he and Howard can finish the project, then discover they need him back.

Watch The Allowance Evaporation. Episode 16 of Season 10.

16. The Allowance Evaporation


Amy feels Sheldon doesn’t understand relationships when he blabs intimate information. The gang thinks Raj is too financially dependent on his father.

Watch The Comic-Con Conundrum. Episode 17 of Season 10.

17. The Comic-Con Conundrum


Raj’s financial problems have him scrambling for money to go to Comic-Con, while Leonard and Penny outdo each other dreaming up couple’s costumes.

Watch The Escape Hatch Identification. Episode 18 of Season 10.

18. The Escape Hatch Identification


When Raj needs to move into a cheaper place, the gang offers help, then Beverly puts her own analytical spin on everyone’s relationship issues.

Watch The Collaboration Fluctuation. Episode 19 of Season 10.

19. The Collaboration Fluctuation


Penny and Raj get along great when he moves in, leaving Leonard feeling like a third wheel. Sheldon and Amy’s professional and personal lives collide.

Watch The Recollection Dissipation. Episode 20 of Season 10.

20. The Recollection Dissipation


After working on two projects at once, Sheldon finally crashes and can’t remember the night before. Bernadette gets emotional about returning to work.

Watch The Separation Agitation. Episode 21 of Season 10.

21. The Separation Agitation


Bert has a hot new girlfriend. Could it have anything to do with his windfall? Howard, Bernadette and Stuart are anxious when Halley goes to daycare.

Watch The Cognition Regeneration. Episode 22 of Season 10.

22. The Cognition Regeneration


Leonard’s nervous when Penny gets a good job offer from her old boyfriend Zack. Sheldon pouts that he hasn’t reached his full potential soon enough.

Watch The Gyroscopic Collapse. Episode 23 of Season 10.

23. The Gyroscopic Collapse


The guys are restless after Col. Williams takes over their project. Amy gets a research opportunity requiring her to stay at Princeton for months.

Watch The Long Distance Dissonance. Episode 24 of Season 10.

24. The Long Distance Dissonance


Ramona Nowitzki returns and resumes her obsessive interest in Sheldon while Amy is away. He’s the only one who doesn’t see it, until he finally does.

Watch The Proposal Proposal. Episode 1 of Season 11.

1. The Proposal Proposal


Amy begins to have second thoughts about her response to Sheldon’s proposal. Howard and Bernadette freak out over some life-changing news.

Watch The Retraction Reaction. Episode 2 of Season 11.

2. The Retraction Reaction


Leonard gives a candid public radio interview about the state of physics research. Amy and Bernadette commiserate over their unsung accomplishments.

Watch The Relaxation Integration. Episode 3 of Season 11.

3. The Relaxation Integration


Sheldon’s anxiety over choosing the perfect wedding date spills over into his dreams. Bernadette’s new coworker intrigues singletons Raj and Stuart.

Watch The Explosion Implosion. Episode 4 of Season 11.

4. The Explosion Implosion


Plagued by parenting doubts, Howard heads to the desert — with Sheldon in tow — to shoot off a model rocket. Penny bonds with Leonard’s mother.

Watch The Collaboration Contamination. Episode 5 of Season 11.

5. The Collaboration Contamination


Sheldon and Raj don’t react well when Amy enlists Howard’s help on a project. Penny discovers the secret to managing a high-maintenance genius.

Watch The Proton Regeneration. Episode 6 of Season 11.

6. The Proton Regeneration


Wheeeeeeaton! Sheldon once again faces off with Wil Wheaton, this time over his beloved Professor Proton. Penny babysits Halley.

Watch The Geology Methodology. Episode 7 of Season 11.

7. The Geology Methodology


Sheldon’s scientific snobbery alienates a colleague looking for help on a research project. Raj seeks advice after he reconnects with Ruchi.

Watch The Tesla Recoil. Episode 8 of Season 11.

8. The Tesla Recoil


Workplace distrust runs rampant when Leonard and Howard discover Sheldon’s secret project, and Bernadette fears she’s being undermined by a co-worker.

Watch The Bitcoin Entanglement. Episode 9 of Season 11.

9. The Bitcoin Entanglement


A potential Bitcoin payday leads the gang down memory lane, where Leonard learns how Penny really felt about him during one of their breakups.

Watch The Confidence Erosion. Episode 10 of Season 11.

10. The Confidence Erosion


A breakup affects the group. Wedding planning causes tension between Sheldon and Amy. A sought-after consulting gig leads Raj to a personal epiphany.

Watch The Celebration Reverberation. Episode 11 of Season 11.

11. The Celebration Reverberation


It’s birthday time for Amy and Halley, but their celebrations don’t go as planned. Leonard feels like an underachiever compared to his sibling.

Watch The Matrimonial Metric. Episode 12 of Season 11.

12. The Matrimonial Metric


Sheldon and Amy take a scientific approach to the task of choosing a best man and maid of honor by running secret experiments on their friends.

Watch The Solo Oscillation. Episode 13 of Season 11.

13. The Solo Oscillation


Sheldon boots Amy from the apartment so he can concentrate on his work. Meanwhile, Footprints on the Moon is back — and rocking out in a big way.

Watch The Separation Triangulation. Episode 14 of Season 11.

14. The Separation Triangulation


A new romance lands Raj in the middle of a marital mess. A rekindled passion for string theory prompts Sheldon to ask Leonard and Penny for a favor.

Watch The Novelization Correlation. Episode 15 of Season 11.

15. The Novelization Correlation


Sheldon copes with conflicting feelings when Wil Wheaton debuts as Professor Proton. Leonard receives some eye-opening feedback on his book.

Watch The Neonatal Nomenclature. Episode 16 of Season 11.

16. The Neonatal Nomenclature


With Bernadette overdue and over being pregnant, her friends do their best to help get things rolling. Amy inadvertently reveals a secret to Howard.

Watch The Athenaeum Allocation. Episode 17 of Season 11.

17. The Athenaeum Allocation


An old nemesis holds the key to Sheldon and Amy’s perfect nuptials. A sleep-deprived Howard and Bernadette face a big decision about the future.

Watch The Gates Excitation. Episode 18 of Season 11.

18. The Gates Excitation


When Penny announces that she’s about to meet Bill Gates, the guys scheme to get in on the action. Bernadette’s one-track mommy mind frustrates Amy.

Watch The Tenant Disassociation. Episode 19 of Season 11.

19. The Tenant Disassociation


Leonard clashes with Sheldon over control of the building’s tenant board. Raj and Howard attempt to locate the owner of a high-end drone.

Watch The Reclusive Potential. Episode 20 of Season 11.

20. The Reclusive Potential


The guys tag along when Sheldon gets invited to the remote cabin of an eccentric genius. Amy’s bachelorette party isn’t what she expected.

Watch The Comet Polarization. Episode 21 of Season 11.

21. The Comet Polarization


Complications ensue when Stuart’s comic book store suddenly becomes popular. Penny and Raj disagree over a celestial discovery.

Watch The Monetary Insufficiency. Episode 22 of Season 11.

22. The Monetary Insufficiency


While Amy shops for wedding dresses with Penny and Bernadette, Sheldon tries to raise $500 million to fund his latest scientific theory.

Watch The Sibling Realignment. Episode 23 of Season 11.

23. The Sibling Realignment


As Sheldon’s wedding day approaches, his mother issues an ultimatum over his brother. Howard and Bernadette’s kids spread an infectious disease.

Watch The Bow Tie Asymmetry. Episode 24 of Season 11.

24. The Bow Tie Asymmetry


A scientific breakthrough, “Star Wars” trivia and heartfelt declarations of love make Sheldon and Amy’s wedding day a truly special occasion.

Watch The Conjugal Configuration. Episode 1 of Season 12.

1. The Conjugal Configuration


Sheldon and Amy’s honeymoon hits a scheduling snag, Leonard upsets Penny with an unflattering comparison and Raj sparks a Twitter war with a celebrity.

Watch The Wedding Gift Wormhole. Episode 2 of Season 12.

2. The Wedding Gift Wormhole


While Sheldon and Amy try to decipher the meaning of Leonard and Penny’s wedding gift, Raj seeks matchmaking help and Stuart gets dating advice.

Watch The Procreation Calculation. Episode 3 of Season 12.

3. The Procreation Calculation


Raj’s dating compatibility questionnaire leads to a possible match — and a revelation from Penny that surprises Leonard.

Watch The Tam Turbulence. Episode 4 of Season 12.

4. The Tam Turbulence


When Sheldon refuses to see his childhood best friend, the gang tries to figure out what led to their rift. Bernadette and Penny meet Raj’s new flame.

Watch The Planetarium Collision. Episode 5 of Season 12.

5. The Planetarium Collision


Sheldon wants Amy to spend more time on their super-asymmetry project. Raj seems reluctant to have Howard join his planetarium show.

Watch The Imitation Perturbation. Episode 6 of Season 12.

6. The Imitation Perturbation


On Halloween, Penny and Leonard share very different recollections of their first kiss, while Howard’s costume hurts Sheldon’s feelings.

Watch The Grant Allocation Derivation. Episode 7 of Season 12.

7. The Grant Allocation Derivation


Bernadette finds the perfect hideaway to de-stress after work. Leonard faces a tough decision when he’s tasked with handing out surplus grant money.

Watch The Consummation Deviation. Episode 8 of Season 12.

8. The Consummation Deviation


On the cusp of taking his relationship with Anu to a new level, Raj reverts to an old pattern. Sheldon attempts to forge a bond with Amy’s parents.

Watch The Citation Negation. Episode 9 of Season 12.

9. The Citation Negation


While helping Sheldon and Amy track down citations for their super-asymmetry paper, Raj and Leonard make a startling discovery.

Watch The VCR Illumination. Episode 10 of Season 12.

10. The VCR Illumination


When Sheldon needs a pep talk after a work setback, Leonard breaks out the big guns. Bernadette helps Howard pursue his long-ago magician dreams.

Watch The Paintball Scattering. Episode 11 of Season 12.

11. The Paintball Scattering


The gang’s planned paintball game turns out to be the perfect opportunity for the assembled couples to hash out their relationship issues.

Watch The Propagation Proposition. Episode 12 of Season 12.

12. The Propagation Proposition


Penny’s ex Zack reappears with an unusual request for the Hofstadters. Raj tries to salvage his relationship with Anu.

Watch The Confirmation Polarization. Episode 13 of Season 12.

13. The Confirmation Polarization


Sheldon and Amy receive good news on their super-asymmetry project, but their happiness is short-lived. Bernadette taps Penny for a new role at work.

Watch The Meteorite Manifestation. Episode 14 of Season 12.

14. The Meteorite Manifestation


Sheldon helps Howard and Bernadette find a legal remedy to a neighbor’s intrusive renovation. Leonard feels left out when Raj works on a new project.

Watch The Donation Oscillation. Episode 15 of Season 12.

15. The Donation Oscillation


To deliver on his promise to Zack, Leonard rebuffs Penny’s advances. Meanwhile, Bernadette decides to brave weightlessness to prove Howard wrong.

Watch The D & D Vortex. Episode 16 of Season 12.

16. The D & D Vortex


The gang angles for an invitation to the hottest game in town: Wil Wheaton’s celebrity-studded Dungeons & Dragons night.

Watch The Conference Valuation. Episode 17 of Season 12.

17. The Conference Valuation


Hang time with the Wolowitz kids leads to a realization for both Leonard and Sheldon. Penny entertains an intriguing offer while at a drug conference.

Watch The Laureate Accumulation. Episode 18 of Season 12.

18. The Laureate Accumulation


To boost Sheldon and Amy’s Nobel Prize campaign against their more PR-savvy rivals, the university hosts a laureate-packed reception in their honor.

Watch The Inspiration Deprivation. Episode 19 of Season 12.

19. The Inspiration Deprivation


A stressed-out Amy begins to crack under the pressure of being a Nobel Prize candidate and potential role model for young women in science.

Watch The Decision Reverberation. Episode 20 of Season 12.

20. The Decision Reverberation


Penny pushes Leonard to stop being such a people-pleaser. Raj grows frustrated when his scientific research is misconstrued.

Watch The Plagiarism Schism. Episode 21 of Season 12.

21. The Plagiarism Schism


Facing an ethical dilemma when they acquire information that could clear their path to the Nobel Prize, Sheldon and Amy seek advice from their friends.

Watch The Maternal Conclusion. Episode 22 of Season 12.

22. The Maternal Conclusion


The sudden attentiveness of Leonard’s visiting mother confuses and delights him. Raj comes to a big decision about his future with Anu.

Watch The Change Constant. Episode 23 of Season 12.

23. The Change Constant


Big news brings big changes for Sheldon and Amy, but as one tries to embrace the shake-up, the other wants everything to stay the same.

Watch The Stockholm Syndrome. Episode 24 of Season 12.

24. The Stockholm Syndrome


In the series finale, secrets are revealed, hearts are broken and feelings declared as the gang’s journey comes full circle.

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