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Today’s the last Friday of December 2017 and we bet you’re still wondering what to watch over the weekend IF you’re not partying after the lights are out! And if you’re a fan of Pakistani drama serials, fret not, you won’t have to flicker through channels and try looking for a show that would be worth following because SiddySays decided to compile the ultimate best Pakistani Dramas 2017 list for you to binge-watch. Keep in mind though, some of these shows have already been premiered, while the others are still on-air, and they are so good that we had to add them in our list of the Top 10 Pakistani Drama Serials of 2017.


Created by Momina Duraid Productions and written by Farhat Ishtiaq with a star cast of young actors; Sajal Ali, Ahad Raza Mir, Shaaz Khan and Hira Mani highlights powerful issues that highlight violence against women, political disloyalty towards an establishment and a failed justice system that prevails in our society. The drama serial revolves around the lives of these characters and portrays their journey along with the battles they all individually face in their environment, how the dire circumstances change their lives and personalities over time. YKS received much critical appreciation for its content (addressing social issues) and the characters played by Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir. So, if you’re in the mood of a hard-hitting, solid portrayal of real world issues, then Yakeen Ka Safar is your pick!

yakeen ka safar - best pakistani dramas 2017 list


Baaghi is still on-air and is a biographical show of the controversial figure, Qandeel Baloch who was murdered by her brother in 2016 in the name of honour. Baaghi’s screenplay is written by Umera Ahmad and is essayed by the talented Saba Qamar, who has aptly depicted the life of Qandeel Baloch, her shot to virtual fame and untimely demise. Since Qandeel Baloch was always in the new for her amusingly bold statements and actions, Baaghi was the most-hyped and watched show on Yotube. If you’re a fan of Sabar Qamar and a good piece of writing, and want to learn more about Qandeel Baloch, try watching Baaghi.

baaghi - pakistani dramas list


Highlighting a social taboo that still exists in the rural parts of Pakistan and common with the Pushtuns, the concept of “Waani” is undeniably there, and that is what drama serial Sammi showed along with gender discrimination. Depicting the “Waani” concept, the storyline revolves around the journey of Sammi, a young girl who is sold off by her family to the Chaudhry family where her brother had killed her fiancé. Sammi also deals with other reality based issues with other characters within the same plot. Sammi received critical appreciation for its story and heartrending characters and is a great watch to familiarize with issues faced by the rural citizens of this country.

sammi - pakistani dramas list


Khaani is a drama about two characters that are North and South. Sana Javed who plays Khaani comes from a close-knit humble family and Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi is the bad boy from an affluent political family. What happens next as their worlds collide with anger, fear and possibly redemption? You’ll have to watch Khaani to find out more. But Khaani is an extremely popular and one of the best drama serials of Pakistan right now and is receiving mileage and applause for gaining a TRP rating of 5.4 – the highest for any show and is increasing in numbers for being the most watched Pakistani drama serial.

khaani - pakistani dramas list


Produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib, Sun Yaara stars Junaid Khan and Hira Salman in the lead and is a story about two families who are all set to meet at a wedding. Junaid’s character Talal has deep affection for Roshanay played by Hira, however he is unable to express his feelings for her and therefore keeps them hidden under a layer of anger and a recluse nature. The last episode of Sun Yaara had 2.8 million views on Youtube and for the sentimental values of the characters in a nutshell.

sun yaara - pakistani dramas list


There is always this one drama serial that is a game changer amongst all the clichéd storylines and Khuda Mera Bhi Hai proved that very much by bringing domestic abuse, social pressure, and most of all, the rights of transgender through a compassionate and strongly independent protagonist played by Ayesha Khan. The highlight of the show is the emphasis is that every conflict can be resolved through dialogue and communication; hence Khuda Mera Bhi Hai earned popularity and critical acclaim for being “different” and pertinent in spreading social awareness for such a strong subject.khuda mera bhi hai - best pakistani dramas list


Created by Momina Duraid Production and written by Qaisra Hayat, Alif, Allah or Insaan is a spiritual drama that revolves around five people with opposing backgrounds and faith. Starring Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ushna Shah, Kubra Khan, Shahzad Sheikh, Imran Ashraf and Sana Nawaz, puts on emphasis on Islamic teachings, morals and faith, and revolves around the Islamic concept that Allah rewards all human beings on their hard work, patience and actions in this life. So if you’re looking for a sacred journey into the teachings of our religion, then watch Alif, Allah or Insaan.

alif, allah or insaan - best pakistani dramas list


The show originally aired in 2016 but its last episode was aired in March 2017 so it came through to our best Pakistani dramas list for its originality and story which was laced around how love and revenge can tear apart families and break relationships. IMDB rated Sang-e-Marmar 9.2 and lauded the characters of Noman Ejaz, Sania Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Kubra Khan.sang-e-marmar - best pakistani dramas list


Daldal is a romantic drama serial starring Zahid Ahmed and Armeena Khan and highlight issues such as illegal immigration, corruption and greed, dowry. The drama is still running on show time and very aptly sheds light on the lower strata of the society who is trying to make it big through any means they can.daldal - best pakistani dramas list


Essayed by Zahid Ahmed, Sami Khan and Ayeza Khan, Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua is a story of love, affection and remorse, and how one’s actions can sabotage their family life and bonds of love.  The show completed its run on December 3, 2017 and gained a rating of 4.8/5.tau dil ka kya hua - best pakistani dramas list

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