Top 10 Richest Actresses In Nigeria 2020 Net-worth And Cars

Top 10 Richest Actresses In Nigeria 2020 Net-worth And Cars 1
10 Richest Actresses in Nigeria 2020 = Beauty and talent really pay off as the richest actress in Nigeria holds a ₦850m net worth! Check out who she is & what her taste is when it comes to cars!
The Nollywood industry is nothing without the women who have fought hard to carve a great niche for themselves. These actresses have gone head to head with their male counterparts in the local and international scene and came out just fine. You already know that great fame means good fortune. The likes of Omotola Jalade and Genevieve Nnaji have spent quite a lot of the monies they have earned, acquiring great automobiles. In this article, will be looking at the top 10 richest actresses in Nigeria and their car collection.

Top 10 richest actresses in Nigeria 2020
Actresses are no inferior to their male counterparts when it comes to making money. Beauty, talent, and hard work really pay off as Naija actresses own impressive assets and luxury belongings. To answer the question ” Who is the richest actress in Nigeria?”, let’s take a look at the massive net worths of top ten richest actresses in Nigeria 2020:

Now you have your answer. The richest actress in Nigeria is no one else but the gorgeous Genevieve Nnaji with the net worth of ₦850 million. Let’s explore more about the biography of Genevieve Nnaji as well as other actresses in the chart, and what their taste is like when it comes to cars, shall we?

The richest actresses in Nigeria & the cars they drive
1. Genevieve Nnaji – net worth of ₦850 million naira
Genevieve Nnaji is believed to be the most successful actress in Nigeria, thus she deserves the number 1 spot in our list of the wealthiest Nigerian actresses. Known as the most influential actress in Nollywood, Genevieve is the brand ambassador for biggest international brands such as Lux, Range Rover, Amstel Malta, and Etisalat in Nigeria. She has a lot of awards to her name, including a member of the order of the Niger. She owns multi-million naira houses in Lagos and Ghana.
The mansion she has in Ikoyi, Lagos is reported to cost up to 220 million naira, but this number can be considered affordable to the richest actress in the Nollywood industry.

Genevieve Nnaji drives a ₦35 million Mercedes Benz G-wagon and a ₦20 million Range Rover Evogue because only such vehicles deserve the richest Nollywood actress.

2. Mercy Johnson Okojie – net worth of ₦775 million naira
Mercy Johnson has become a legend in the Nollywood scene due to how versatile, consistent, and talented she is. The Kogi state born star has been involved in not less than 150 movies ever since she ventured into the acting business in Nigeria. She is married with 3 kids to a prince from Edo state.
She takes at least ₦2 million for a movie role. Little wonder she can afford a massive mansion in Ajah, Lagos, and a Lexus SUV worth over ₦15 million. She also has other cars like a Toyota SUV gifted by her husband on the birth of their baby. It’s said to be worth about ₦20 million.

Mercy Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be ₦775m which makes her the second richest female Nollyhood star in Nigeria.

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