Who is the best Indian actor and actress of India

Who is the best Indian actor and actress of India 1

I am clueless to call some body as the best that too in Hollywood.

None of our actors have done any pivotol role in Hollywood. They are almost like extras of Bollywood. They come and go. They are not exposed to a greater role simply because they are unknown entities in the west and also Brown in colour.

Starting from Persis Khambatta, Kabir Bedi, recently it was Freida Pinto, the child actress in Slum Dog Millionaire. She almost acted nude in a Hollywood movie. But did not shine there. Then it was Priyanka Chopra, her advertisement manager did a better job than her acting in the west. Now she is safely back home, with her favourite home production bombing at the box office.

Apart from the above, Ameresh Puri and Om Puri have tried their luck in Hollywood but without any favourable results.

Moreover in Hollywood the actors are selected according to the storyline. Every movie has casting crew which selects the actors. Here the director, producer and the actor have no say in the matter. Like here, the hero can not insist on his favourite heroine. So the Indian actors have appeared in certain movies and vanished.

But unfortunately we are destined to see the same actors doing the same role with the same sentiments, film after film.

The world wide audience except in Asia look for best story, photography, music and theme. That is the reason, they have great actors and great movies. In our country the story can be any rubbish but the fan club will hype the movie and see it due to their revreance to the hero.

Movies like Avatar and Frozen 2 now, which are purely animation films raked in huge money due to novel story and photography.

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